Many More People  are re-examining this, and their civic responsibilty,

Some questions sound like: 

To what degree will United States citizenry allow  itzSelf  to become plastered or mustered? 

When will this series of wars end?

Who will come to attention? 

Who will pay attention? 

Who will cut their loses?

Who allways loses? 

Who will WHEN/WIN? 

Who will ask WHY?

Who will ask why, oh why?...again, and again?
Freedom is a  rite : write : right  of passage demonstrated, and given, during naturall childbirth. 

A belief in the freedom to speak, and think, for yourSelf has in all ways fueled entertaining forms of liberation.  
Capitalistic America is very musty.
Every One has needs. Basic needs are musts.

The need to muster is a call for change. There seems to be an expanding global need to say "no more," and to truly know more. In this era, we-all are witness to great, and lasting, change.

act-knowledge : the abillity to be/do that which you know:no; the doing of your duty; the abillity to respond 

ALL-of-it, The : that which iz, duhz (k)not matter, will be created, iz dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what haz materiallized, idealized, fantasized, or been underutilized az circumstance and experience; contentz of every scratchpad, floppy diskk, book, lexicon, dictionalry, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant & averaged mind; totalled production minus environmentall damage (Theatre_Hollywood _Politix_Religion + doldrum + truths + factz +  fantasy + reallities % by deferred dreams )

all-sow : on-going results; ...the KNEW part of If I knew then, what I know now; cullminated understanding

at-last-oneness : long awaited unity within the self (also spelled: at-last-woness)

becauz, becauzez : a why? and point of originUniversall workingz/choices made leading to a particular situation, or end result

be-knot : separating, restrictive, or controlling behaviors_laws_attitudes designed to slow spiritual growth; outdated rules & attitudes that do not allow for freedom of choice, or being; your word; your destiny; DNA; potentiall

Say IT & Knot.
We have know-choice.

KnowThing  is still sacred.
Why? becauz :   All words work...together.
Every word has a job with a long lasting purpose.

IT knots WHAT U SAY around WHO, or WHEN, and WHERE U SAY IT, %  by WHY?/why + HOW U SAID IT.
YOU are the U in every word that came out of your mouth,
or arrived via your penned, written,  typed, or up, and down, loaded words.

As your YOU freely uses The Word, nothing from (k)nothing turns, vibrates, and revolves around every thing that came from KnowThing.

While repetitively speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we-all freely choose to become witThe ALL-of-it
YOU use The Word to make connections.

Your use of words is how you run your mouth, and your life.

YourSelf  is often referred to as your YOU and is a composite of all the Times, words, choices, and intentions that were ever made by EveryOne. The past does not die. For-reall  learninbegins with an acceptance of the seaming of reallity

Your YOU, plus the way we were whirrz about, around, and withinus-all. While Uzing  the words that whirl around, and about you, the reality surrounding The ALL-of-it  inter-connects, and intra-relates within, and around us-all.
As communication occurs, YOU, represented by your words, become won : one, and a playfull part of The ALL of-it.

YOU are a wonder-full part of The ALL-of-it whether you remain true to your wordMiss-lead, choose to keep it simple, or dare to create confusion.
When did peace become a religious experience associated  with gory glory, 
prophet : profit, and death? 

Hour World has been without a real and lasting peace for a very long time.

Many More People  have forgotten how to know, and feel, at peace.
Every lifetime begins, continUse, and ends with the word: it.
Go within to find out.  IT is, and duhz keep it--simple.

IT is the only two-letter word capable of being any thing, EveryOne, and nothing, simulltaneously.

Begin again, with a review of the poorly answered questionz that created a need to insert buttz...literally.
With better questions, you can reconceive your self, while reviewinThe ALL-of-it.
​Upon the heels of the gift called birth, (IT for you, and your Momma) one question was always asked. 

What....not who, is it? BEginning with that moment, the established parameters surrounding the answer to that question begin to govern your status, or role, in every way, and in every society. Pushed out onto Life's major crossed roads, every One vies for the right to make, find, get, do, and at the very least, be witit, while some of us just need to tell it like it is.

That's it! is what usually completes the averaged life's cycle while generating yet another question.

Since you can't take it with you, can you at least pay it forward ?

IT is a power-filled word that has in all ways been a know-wonder regarding your life's time, mindset, and energy. No other word operates at such a level of flexibillity, and that is what makes it such a power-filled word.

While livinyour rendition of it, or cleaning up the mess yoU made of it, yoU are connected to the ebb and flow of ideas or The ALL-of-it. If there were a way to avoid it, that way could only be the flipped-over side of it
Collage Peace
Sweet Pea Garden
Poetry Plus
Pay KnowMind
The Simultaneity of Language 1
ITz A Rap!
Cross-Stitch Peace
The Simultaneity of Language 2
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
West Africa
The Simultaneity of Language
BOTTOMLINE RHYME as foodz4thought

Authored by BRENDAH ebonitia NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

We, some more of the people, can begin again, just in time,
with justice, like we al-l-wayz knew we would."   --Just US Folks, 1964
A lifetime of living should include learning how and why a temporary desire designated as it can get, and take, every One or every thing you ever got.

Within specific domains of life-study, we-all create, choose, earn, inherit, and are forced to plow a field of dreams and ideas. We-all create your reality while your YOU fuzes language while listening, speaking, texting, and writing.

Word is often called food-for-thought.
Word keeps you coming, as it gets you going, and going....
​Heard in association with truth, knowledge, and justice, is the word: word.

A Life's time use of words is a personification of the word--IT.
Whether the t, or the i, comes first matters (k)not.
Whooze call is it ?
Readers and writers learn and grow within with The Flow called The All-of-it .

By systemically narrowing your focus upon the wordit, a pattern can be detected that stands out
within the mists of your, his, and her stories, experiences, and lives' styles.

This point-in-fact  is faciall reassurance from every written, spoken, and downloaded word--holy and otherwize.
WON EXAMPLE :  War, or peace, treaty ceasefires are full of it.

[ See?   WWI : The LusitaniaWWII : Hitler,  Benito MussoliniEmperor HirohitoPaul TibbetsAdmiral Chester Nimitz, and the glory of More & More War:  EritreaDjiboutiKuwaiti CityHaitiAristide,
Croatia, PalestineTikritHaditha, and/or any type of forced treaty]
We have been primetymed, and programmed,
to accept sociall, and economic, systems that are
neither fill-fulling, nor spiritUally rewarding.

Corporate media, advertising, and the market places buy,
sell, and tell, us the look, color, and flavor, of todaze bling
while black holes in the globall economic system overflow with
impoverished, sick, and hungry, chilldren.
We have engaged The Enemy before, and s:he is still us-all.

Every day, Many More People become the disst, dissowned, dissenfranchised, dissmissed, disstanced, never-been-employed or  under unemployed
Like TVmany more people  turn off, and on, as they withstand the speciallized affects of the surround sound lore of drugz, fantasy, violence, sex, and consumullation

Many More People  have become oppressed, depressed,
impressed, obsessed, and repressed while participating
in part as a wonder-full part of The ALL-of-it.
Many More People have learned that a super, fickle, way of being with it is to be a member of a club, gang, crowd, or organization. Many More People includes betweenagerz  caught between the hard and fast rules, a cracked liberty bell, drugs or cooked rock
While adding capitalistic desire to basic needs, you create a great many people whose wants become greedy mustzAny economic system that denies equal opportunitat home, and abroad, is in all ways a doomdaze machine, and a ticking bomb within The All-of-it .

Todaze designer brand of over-the-top liberty often sounds 
like a lyrical rant, and looks pierced, grilled, and tatooed in low-rise jeans.

All the while, the many bitz, and bytes, of data fuse as an over-and-understanding sense of Possibillity. 

Again, while guillty of sow-little , any number of culltures,
societies, and commUnities, are stumbling, grumbling,
or crumbling into terrorized ruin--for more of summore.
Caught within The Times, Many More People can now focus on the economic deficit, globall war, violence, "know-peace,"
equal opportunity, entertainment, sexUall promiscuity,
and corruption.

The denim mindset of both the black power, and flower powered 1960s patched a way through on a global scale and clued in the hiphop generation.

The balled up confusion that accompanies being out of touch within can now be seen as the Why?z and WHAT!z we-all ask, see, hear, and read about. 
KnowBody knows.

Much inner strength has been weakened by the abuse of power. World war first engulfed this planet in 1914, and continUse to affect us-all. 

Many different types of impressed, oppressed, and repressed young people are bought and sold on becominmustered, or recruited, into the armed services.
Why? BEcauz    As The Times seam, and create change,
some thoughts stay the same.
Many More People  understand how the inner workings of
Naturall Law ordains, maintains, and protects itzSelf.

The ALL-of-it  is fueled by the idea of who? or what! is being referred to when Uzing  the word:  IT.

Whoever believes that you, OR we, OR they, planned The ALL-of-it  has seen much, but heard little. The fusion of a past, present, and determined future, exists within, and without, each--and all--of us.

see-change  is happening on a globall scale for
Many More People  who will-knotdue-knot,
can-knot, and have-knot.

We-all have been given know-choice.

KnowThing  is still sacred.
As  HOUR WORLD  whirls, and turns within, and without,
we tune in, turn on and off, get rites, fade left, submitenjoin,
and embosom while in church, or in search of security,
and the feelings often associated with family.
The Common Thread
for it with
The Word: it
A common thread woven throughout language.
HourStory tells it-all.
Having Know-Choice
Having Know-Choice
PEACE is spirit-driven behavior, and a much missed inaction.

“But war will only end after a great labour has been performed in altering men’s moral ideals, directing them to the good of all [wombankind] and not only of the separate nations into which men happen to have been born.”  - Bertrand Russell 

"Peace, after all, is the end of the ego."  Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth
An Excerpt From

betweenager(z) : an adult of any age stuck with hard & fast rules lacking supportive answers to self sustaining questions

blind-dead : dangerously miss-informed; the resullt of systematized (Miss - missed - mist - midst) education; people who are lied to, for, or about

butt?, butt?z : unanswered questions that are a quest for understanding self/character development

can-knot : conscious choice to (be) bound together with a person, group, or thing; the will-full consent of two to become one; a deniall of the freedom of choice

consumullation : pleasure/thrill of persuasion (i.e. selling, shopping, dating), artificiall power of theft, possession, dupe, or exploitation; the need to acquire even more; purchasing power; vampire_pimp_player lifestyled mentallity; the consuming self mindset

continU(se) : recognition of the existence and/or effect of assimillated, individuallized, knowledge; practice of cullture; more of a belief with the same beliefs; cell memory

denim mindset, the : an open-minded willingness to understand new, or different, wayz of thinking, and being

diss, disst : a demonstration of lack; nonacceptance of __; deniall that __; having little regard for; show of contempt

diss-spell : conscious choice; attempt to break free of mentall programming; used to produce mentall enslavement

doomdaze : an attitude of extreme deny-all

due:do : manifestation/creation of actions/wordz fused az present/past  behavior; pronounced with one syllable az fused thought

due-knot : unavoidable/justified/earned karmic manifestation; the harvest, or reaping of what iz sown

e-racyst : one who believes in the myth called white supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

EveryOne : totallity of all breathing Life on the planet; the distinct personallity of each planet

EveryThing : very personall totallity of all that, thus far, iz (what) matter(z) + group energy; an existence, past plus present experience; the totalled manifestation of a Universe

fill-full : complete; satisfying; a done deall

for-reall : added emphasis for the especially effected times we live in; the truly authentic plus integrall

have-knot : the curse of wealth; a lack of anonymity;
a need to come_give back; the search for ballance; freedom of expression

whirl of wordz, the : the soundz of a daily, conversationall,
lifestyle that lives constantly within us, and around us

whuz-knot : an idea, experience, or historicall fact, relegated to the past that refuses to quietly remain there (i.e. American
chatel slavery the unjustly imprisoned)

why-product : resulting questions; spiritUall, and intellectuall, change

why?z, the : questions that must be asked; satisfactorily answered, accepted, and thoroughly understood (see: butt?z)

why?z way : the abillity to create the perfect question leading to a satisfying answer; similar to Socratic method

Why?z  & WHAT!z : life alltering events/cell memories that bring power-full feelingz to the surface

will-knot : conscious, manipulative, desire that usually results in obsessive, compulsive, behavior; a sense of duty, or mission

womban : a body with a womb; mammal; human female
(plural : womben

Wombankind : anyone who developed in or issued from a womb; includes all of what we call mammals

won : one  : integrall fusion resullting from the keeping of your word; pronounced az one sylllable and a fusion of thought; allso spelled one : won

Word : all of spoken and written language(s); most recent sound used az a positive affirmation; a mode of questioning
a truth/fact; most often used commodity

wordsurge : surfaced abillity to write_speak_create over & understanding after seeking/observing/listening/pondering;
a spiritUALL flow of Word; often confused with the spirituelle gift of gab

word-up : a diversified understanding created by the give & take of integrall language used to create, or enhance, constructive growth & development; sometimes used to imply agreement and, or acceptance

X-peerience : place/occurrence/person outside of yourSelf and artificially perceived as it.

X-streamed cessation : the disst connection of the flow of inner resources; detachment from inner self/Life

y'all : combination of you and The ALL; originates from southern US black English

yesterdaze : a soothing belief in the good ole days; ego tripping on ancestry

z's : inspired dreamz for the future; sleep, from the transcription of the sound of snoring

zilch : at minus one, or the belief in a nothing at all; thought of the all as over, gone, or nonexistent

zing : a lively, exciting, aspect of something enjoyable; to promote, or critize, somebody in a way that iz sharp, swift, and clever
A   S c i e n c e   o f   T h o u g h t
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved
An idea called IT seams, and creates global community,
while stimUlating higher level thinking.

Why? BEcauz
The ALL-of-it seams like a mighty, long, time.

This idea called IT is an Otherz idea 4U2B.
It is all about your yoU.
Is your U up for Learning More About The All-of-it?
Whooze call is it? 
IT grows with U.
BAD WORDdue-knot exist.
LOOKing at it with an iconic form of the wordin is a hands-on exercise geared to showcase the energy associated with the wordit.

Thought, image, sound, and words are indeedsYOU buy, get, and sell The ALL-of-it, while Uzing  the wordit.

IT shows how that which is, was, whuz-knot, and will becontinUse, and connects EveryOne, and every single thing. 
The Working Way of Word act-knowledges.
Every word inter-acts, inter-connects, and intra-relates.

A study of the full impact of personallized language (the words that have become ONE with you) is both a bold path and a For-Word Step toward Self  under & overstanding.

(k)new  pronoun,  s:he , act-knowledges The ALL-of-it.

The oppressive, and singullar, use of the pronoun, he, has created a be-knot, or snarl, within the fabric of society.

The pronoun, she, is half the interpretation while the pronoun, he, is half of the perception.  As you reintroduce your right brain to your left brain, a ballanced flow of thought-formed unity re-conceives the inner yin, and yang energies.

This particular epiphany of thought can be experienced on all levels, and in several domains of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

phakz : information used to cover a violent truth in order to
maintain the status quo

point-in-fact : a personal truth that enhances or clarifies knowledge of self

primetyme, primetymed : targeted to exhibit specific
behaviors in your youth; a manipulated setting, or orchestrated stereotype

racyst : a non-believer in the existence of the human race; one who believes that there iz more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth

reaconceive : restored to memory; but? recalled

reafocus : desire to concentrate, and converge, at a specific
point of information

reaknew : remembrance of a forgotten reallization

reamember : the recalling of latent knowledge; conscious effort to become more conscious of the higher self; a power-full connection between mind, body, and Spirit

reasponse-abillity : the talent to ascertain a given situation; free of deniall; the feeling that you are a being who iz true
to your Self

rite : right : write : pronounced az one syllable; combined powerz of truth_faith_justice_literacy; heard as "right on!"

seam(z), seamingly : points, or locations, where reallity iz visible, or loud, but  clear, and filled with a great amount of reason, and truth

seaming (of) reallity, the : your life az you see it; personall existence filled with opinion, memories, concepts, actuallized truths, and stereotypes

see-change : heightened awareness of changing times &
mindz, a period of news breaking world relted events

Self, The : term used similarly to The Great Spirit, GOD, The Goddess, The ALL, Most High, Shango, etc...; indicates that each individuallized self iz a peace of The Great Spirit

self : a unique and individuallized twining of the body, mind,
Spirit, and personallity

s:he : logicall combination of pronouns for an equall opportunity universe that clearly reminds us that the best of us will allwayz issue from a womb

summore : belief that more of a thing iz the way to finding satisfaction

sow-little : the reaping of the whirlwind

under-unemployed : proven potentiall of those who have never been legally employed within the present economic system

us-all : totall human population of this planet

U-sez : the wordz you use while you speak

U-zing : the abillity to create lyrics, or witty phrases, in sync with rhythm, knowledge, and rhyme that enhance clarity and understanding

we-all:  a specific, cohesive, group with a total population
Many More People  merely exist while participating in the crowded evolution of this society, your Universe, and Hour Whirl.
This little light of mine shines from within many of your religious, and mysticall, wordz as the wordit

An over and understanding that GOD is IT can lead to the belief that every holy book,
referred to as The Word, has become a light, and a path. 

...spirit, faith, witness, baptize, Sistine, Vatican, pullpit, miter, martyr, neophyte, Kemit, unity, deity, trinity, myth, pontiff, pit, hadiyth, I'tikat, istinjaa, Gnostic, Sanskritintuit, witchcraft, Latin, meditate, tallith, ritUall, initiate, Tibet, latihan, merit, amitabha, destiny, Christianityiniquity, King Pariksit, heretic, lunatic, profit... 

The Working Way of Word  act-knowledges how that which is, was, was-knot,
and will be, connects every One, and every single thing.

The ALL of-it  exists within your mind as a power-full entity at your service.

IT is confirmation.  History is a part of itzStory .
KnowBody  knowz.  Ceasefire is (k)not  peace.
KnowBody knowz.
The Word is mine, yours, and (h)ours.
FEAR is The Mind's killer.
HOURSTORY tells it-all.
Having Know-Choice 
The Whirl Turns.
HourStory : a compilation of every hiz, her, our, their,
them, and itz folklore; every thought, idea, and deed

Hour World : TV plus reallity; living to pretend, play plus work; life's drama; sensationall-lies plus everyday reallity;
The ALL-of-it

in : a word that dictates A Way; that peace of you_me which iz Spirit; temporary location of/where that peice of you_me that iz a peace for you_me poised; temple of the Spirit

inclue : data that awakenz, or cross reference, knowledge stored within waiting for stimuli

indeed(z) : a conscious choice; the self  guarantee of
security/abandonment from within

inportent : significant experience that leads to, or asssists, an acceleration of spiritUall growth and development

it : word that can be used az an expression of itzSelf  az the height of abstract comprehension; understood az a first, last, only, all, nothing, top, bottom, most, least, chozen, disscarded; the most power-full word in the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz; a tag

it-all : sum/some of what Life haz created; a personall experience

itz : a new noun ascribing to the belief that possession, or status, az it, haz no relevance for Spirit

itzSelf : a new proper noun; stems from the belief that Wordiz an entity which effects an affect from/az, and within each
of us; the totalled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature

itzStory : the totallity of all that haz been experienced by Prime Creatrix/GOD; the now + (thenX2) + here+hear2

(k)new : expanded definition of standardized understanding of intuitive learning; recalled knowledge that allowz you to make better choices

(k)not : a unusually hard, or fused, objective, or belief, formed when a strand_thought_concept_idea of something/one becomes tangled within

knot-reaspect : a thought_behavior that act-knowledges only thoze partz/ achievements of another that are blatantly self  evident; grudging acknowledgment

know-choice : known duty/response; destiny;
openmindedness; known advantage; prescience

KnowBody : theism; haz no need of a body for az Spirit IT
iz every present thought, deferred dream, concept, or idea; abstract used for WORD, Prime Creatrix/ISIS/The Great Spirit/
Amitbha Buddha/Most High/Jehovah/Shango/GOD/Al-Lah/Al-Lat/Adonai/Universall Mind/The ALL...

KnowOne : the one for whom time waitz; a master teacher; guru; wize elder; just ruling counselor or leader

KnowThing : theism; ONE:Won Consciousness; a repository of all that haz become known; The Presence; abstract used
inter- intrachangeable with WORD/Prime Creatrix/Great Spirit/GOD/Most High, Jehovah, Shango, Amitabha Buddha, The Goddess, Yahwaeh, Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, Universall Mind,
The ALL...

know-wonder : a feeling of marvel that accompanies greater understanding

Many More People, The : a vast majority of the politically disenfranchised globall population; an artifically inflated sub-group, or organization

mustz : excessive needz; deprivation; addiction; corrupted greed; long overdue justice/payment

One : a SpiritUall Self  with an individuallized body; your spirit's beingness within and az a life-filled body

otherwize : a uniquely poetic sense of knowing resullting
from an unusually simple interpretation
The Simulltaneity of Language  3