All growth is a continUall eye-cue.

An Otherwize Study of the Word as itzSelf can lead to greater understanding from a personal, and spiritUall, perspective.

The hip-hop generation recreates spoken word, dance, and graffiti, as art forms designed to tag NOW as the time for the The All-of-it.

IT and why?  lead to over and understanding, OR know-wonder. Your Me, yourSelf, and your third-I know--having prompted it.

An idea initially develops within an open, thought-filled, mind.
Wize  questions are born within the musings of those born to
teach the walk, while continUing to learn knew-wordz.

OVER and UNDERstanding expands as an uncommon sense.

Why? BEcauz :  Why has in all ways, for allways, been with it.
Many More People remain locked in--or out--or both?

Unearned Oppression (UO) - the knot that is (k)not all bad.

Unearned oppression seems to lead to a brilliance found in black coal, and in a people labelled, or stigmatized, as black.

Unearned Privillege (UP) - the knot that is (k)not all good. 

The ability to feel, make real connections, and empathize--naturally--is forfeit. The growing global debt is a symbol of the expanding emptiness within.  

Freedom, often confused with the taking of liberties, has become an expensive, and all-consuming, concept to manifest, and maintain.
continUall   :a recognition of the existence or effect
of assimillated societall beliefs; the resulltz of 
standardized belief systemz, cullture, mass media

denim mindset, the  :an open-minded willingness to 
over and understand different ways of thinking, and being

diss, disst  :to demonstrate a lack; non-acceptance of___; deniall that___; having little regard for; show of contempt

do:due :actions plus wordz fused together az present/past

e-racyst :one who believes in white supremacy while practicing, rewarding, denying genocide

EveryOne  :totallity of all breathing Life on the planet; distinct personallity of each planet  

EveryThing :very personall totallity of all that, thus far, iz matter plus all emotionall energy; an existence, past plus present experience; the totalled manifestation of this Universe

  • a style of hair-dress (i.e.  a permanent straightening comb?)

  • to place in trying circumstances (i.e. segregation that impoverishes
 (i.e. the TV show Good Times)

  • an ongoing strategy, or belief mode  (i.e. press-on)

  • to reconceive, reshape, or make compact, by applying force or attention
 (i.e. self-negating hate, living as/within a lie, segregation that culls/targets)

  • At the end of oppression iz the  ADHD/-EQ+ED  behaviorally challenged sound of "shun."  (Also see: attention )
An Excerpt From
inable :the abillity to spark/energize another soul
through wordz, or action; the gift of sharininsightz;
an inspiring way of being
inclue :data that awakenz, or cross references, knowledge
stored within
incompleteness :the knowing that resullts from having done
your best; a knowledge of selfself-reallizashun
information :focus/shape/totall/contentz of inner, spiritUall, growth and development; building of the self 
insite :the facet of YOU known only to YOU and a higher power

itzSelf :a previously not known proper noun; stems from the  belief that The Word iz an entity which effectz an affect from/az, and within each of us; the totalled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature 
(k)new :expanded definition of a standardized understanding of intuitive learning; recalled knowledge that allows you to make better choices
knot-reaspect :a thought/behavior that acknowledges only the parts/achievements of another that are blatantly self evident; grudging acknowledgment; an honorable mention;  image consciousness
KnowBody :theism; abstract term used inter- intrachangeably (or az a fusion) with WORD, Prime Creatrix, The Great Spirit, Most High, Universall Mind, The ALL...; haz no need of a body for az
Spirit IT iz every present thought, deferred dream, concept,
and idea
know-choice :known duty; accepted responsibility;
destiny, openmindnessness, known advantage
KnowThing  :theism; Greater Understanding; abstract term used inter- intrachangeably (or az a fusion)  with WORD, Prime Creatrix, The Creator, God, Jehovah, Shango, Yahweh, The Goddess,
Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, THE ALL...; ONE:Won consciousness
know-wonder  :a  feeling of marvel that accompanies greater
over & understanding
mind, mynd, myndin:to dig deep within your personall sense/thoughtz; inner quest for knowledge; asking of pertinent questionz 

otherwize :a uniquely poetic sense of knowing resulltinin an unusually simple interpretation

pro-seequence: a positive resullt from a well-made choice; often considered to be a wize decision

racyst :a non-believer in the existence of the human race;
one who believes that there iz more than one race indigenous
to the planet Earth
Sweet Pea Garden
Poetry Plus
Pay KnowMind
ITz A Rap!
The Simulltaneity of Language 1
Cross-Stitch Peace
Collage Peace
An Otherwize Study begins and ends with The ALL-of-it
No thing, One, or situation, is all bad, or all good.

Begin with the concept of the worditThink about it.

How is it connected--in all ways--for always? Are your words mere noise? In how many ways are your words sound?  ​How does the very sound of your words inter-connect and inter-relate (y)ourSelf to The Whirl of Wordz surrounding us-all?
The Simulltaneity of Language  3
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
Words are tools we-all (w)rap up, and right:rite:write down.

The denim mindset  remonstrates every hype, and style of diss- and Miss Education. A spoken word artist expands the intellect, and lifts the spirit.

Whoever (w)raps  it-all up has reallized a  for-reall   tallent. 

Bookkeeping for time, it is a precedent, praxis, and gift, presented as the past & present, or here : hear  and now.
Must every brain be constrained, and trained,
to march to the brow-beaten, rhyming, rhythms
of a  backwordz  rapper?
Many words spelled with --al  and --ul  are  knot-respected .

These words lack the necessary fullness, or incompleteness, needed to make your YOU aware of even greater potential.
Just as the content of a person's character is expressed from, and with in, what is left of the the far-rightness of many a diss-spelled word is rarely questioned. These half-filled words seam  with a haphazardness designed to lessen, and diss-count.

Without the proper ballance, these spellings create an imbalance that corrupts the over-all understanding of your inner Self .

(See: illiterate, ill-gotten, illusion, illegitimate, illness, illadvised, illustrious, illae, illation, illiberal

Learn how to reckonize with an unleavened mindset. 

Choose an over & understanding of how ill or how well your word is working within with your U.
Shut down that draining stop-up regarding your take on the spelling of it-all.

Stir an  L  into the melting pot called The ALL-of- it.

Thoughtfull [witLs] expostullates with a  for-reall  fullness
while allone will never be "miss-spoken" again for lonely.

Reaknow-all, coupled with monumentall change, is the finall resullt of questioning, and answering to The ALL-of-it.
Truth  enables every search for wizdom.
Has a  What!   WHEN    Why? changed it-all  around,
and turned your insite  out?   Do you assk backwordz ?

ReconceptUallies your out and in take of these wordz.

insight    incompatible    inhumane    incorrupt 

inconsistent    insane   integrity    inadequate    inform

invidious    envision    infinite    ingenious    infuse 
For every One who must write, rite, and right-on!

The Art of Acceptance reachoirz us-all to both
over&understand The ALL-of-it.
Why? BEcauz: Your words manifest as The ALL-of-it. 


Soon enough, we will grow enough and have had enough.
Soon enough we will know enough to say enough iz enough.
Soon enough we will know enough to give thanks for
the knowledge that becomes won with us.

BRENDA ebonitia  NERO
Are we-all marching in Time to an old adage? 
Let us-all awaken while turning in...again.
An Otherwize Study
WORD is bond.
We have Know-Choice
Having Know-Choice  supports a free-will universe, and seams  like a master plan.

Having Know Choice incentivizes you with a desire to pay attention, stand, and deliver...again.
Why? BEcauz :  All wordz  right : rite : write  whenever, and wherever, there is a true communication.
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved
Mind yourSelf.

Why? becauz : The system in place before the systems
of place continUse, and remains in place--within. 

As we-all become more with it, we are all becoming more, and less, a (k)newer idea called: The All-of-it----by any means necessary.

What is it for us-all? Can we afford the The Wait? Has WhitAmeriKKKa had a weight problem for as long as Black America has had a wait problem, and vice versa? 

Does this society have a weight problem to the degree that we have accepted, sustained, denied, walked a long ways, and rallied against The Wait?

Is America's healing slowed down by the masking of itz symptoms? A lifetime of systemic injustice should lead One to question and ponder while using the word:  why.
Letz turn in...again.
ALL-of-it, The :that which iz/waz knot/will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what haz materiallized, ideallized, fantasized, or been underutillized az circumstance and experience; contentz of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant & averaged mind; totalled production minus environmentall damage  (Theatre_Hollywood_Politix_Religion + doldrum + truths + fantasy + factz +  reallities % by deferred dreams)

backword(z) :negative terminology; slurz, lies, gossip; wordz used to oppress another person (i.e. nigger, spick, bitch, fag, cracker, female, boy, bastard, midget, chicken head, geek, honkey, nerd, jap, gook, mutha....)

becauz :a why? plus a point of origin (why); Universall workingz/choices leading to a development; Naturall Law
A Peace of Mind
Every choice has a consequence, and a pro-seequence.

The time has come--once again--to free up the word
whether spoken, written, or just that thought that counts.

When we speak, and write, we spell and binwordz. 
This is when, how, and why, we break bread together.

Righty, or lefty, we each mind-meld with nouns, and verbs
while participating in, and as, The All-of-it.
for it with
seam(z) :a poinin time, or locations, where reallity iz visible, or loud, but clear, and filled with a great number of
emotionall vibes, and great reasoning

self   :a unique and individuallized twining of the body, mind,
Spirit, and personallity

s:he :logicall combination of pronounz remindz how Life issues from the womb

Think-Well Wordz, The :who, what, when, where, why,
and how

us-all :the totall population of this planet; all of Life's Breath

U-zing :the abillity to create lyrics, or witty phrases; in sync
with rhythm, knowledge, and rhyme

What!z & Why?z : surprising to momenteous occasions that
create and opportune greater understanding

wize :end resullt of compounded questionz; the question followed by a satisfying answer (i.e. why? + 1 why = wize X2)

wonfact :hard earned lesson resullting in understanding and reaspect

Word :all of spoken/written language(s); most recent sound used az a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; most often used commodity

wordsurge :surfaced abillity to write/speak/create over & understanding  after seeking/observing/listening/pondering;
a flow of Word; often confused with the spirituelle
gift of gab
Pay KnowMind
The Simultaneity of Language 1
A Cottage At Hedgebrook
The Act of Mynding  literally unwraps a word by going within to finit.

WON EXAMPLE: Oppression

Oppression is a deep downer, and a very heavy--or "waity" word. Oppression is a stubborn, hand-to-mouth, maninfestated fusion of four (4) wordz:

wait, way, weight, and weigh.

Deep within--front & center--of oppression is the word:  PRESS.
ITz A Rap!
of  Language  3
Having Know-Choice
West Africa
A  S c i e n c e   o f  T h o u g h t
Why? becauz :  X marks the spot that is still it.
eye-cue :written data/visuall experience that triggers high
level understanding that  proves the self  to the ego

for-reall :added emphasis for theze especially effected times; trully authentic plus integrall

here:hear :acknowledgement of a deeply felt acceptance of what waz heard while experienced; affirmative agreement  (kin to word-up); heightened consciousness; being here now

hour-way :where the experience must preceed the explanation 

in     :a word that indicates a way; where your word iz kept; that peace of you/me which iz Spirit; where that piece of you/me that
iz a peace for you/me iz poised; Spirit's space
it :the only word that iz used az an expression of  itzSelf  az the height of abstract comprehension; understood az a first, last, only, everything, nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chozen, discarded; the most power-full word in the English language; the buzz word of buzz words; a tag
it-all   :a sum of/some of what Life haz created; a personall existence
it:a new/knew noun resullting from the fact that possession, or status haz no reall relevance for that which iz every thing,
and no thing
reachoir :participation in an intervention,  rescue, faith, or hope generating activit

reaknow-all :another look at what you know and what you thought you knew, a double-click review of an established belief system; an  information  upgrade

reamember :an elder's abillity to recall the eventz of the past; conscious efftort to become more conscious of the higher Self;
a strong/power-full connection between mind, body,
and Spirit; exersizing of consciousness az memory

reaspect :the peace of mind that stillz inner conflict; abillity to compromise

reckonize :self  empowerment; resullt of study from another, different, angle; undeniable

right-rite-write :pronouned az one syllable; combined powers of truth and justice; seen az The Far Right; often heard az "right on!"
A thorough, and efficient, definition of press  inclues :
WHAT!z UP!? You can true that.

The word WHAT has long been up and in the forefront. The word for major consideration before WHAT was the word:  HOW.

WHAT is a Think-Well Word.  WHAT is this era's most recently heard word  seen as the first, and most important, consideration.
And, now--finally, and at the very last, WHATz time is truly up.

The next word up is a word that was destined to be a stand for it as the first, and last, word on any thing, and EveryThing.

 (i.e. police, millitary, gang, peer pressure, unjust law, intimidating language)

 sit-ins, rights : rites : right on! --a demonstration...

 (i.e. yellow, red, black and white); massed media to squeeze the juice
     or other contents from  (i.e. OJ/Strawberry)
IT makes connections.
Word is bond.

A statement of profession
regarding One's true intentions.
(i.e. My word is my bond.

The Word word 
is synonymous with integrity ,
and used to punctuate statements,
and questionable situations.  

This won-word  is abbreviated
WORD? or  word-up! 

word--or word is bond--
rings like an amen, 
a bravo, or simple, Yes! 

 And, oh, what a mighty web we weave,
when itz truth we chance perceive.
Self realization while using the wordIT, is a wonfact .
An Otherwize Study
Having Know-Choice 
Word creates bonds.
Reading about The ALL-of-it, while searching for the wordit, makes your LIFE a fully interactive experience. 

Your sense of Self rests upon your word while
 it deals with, heals, corrects, and benefitz us-all.

Hope Floats. Truth Rises. Justice Endures.
I see
WORD is bond.
The Simultaneity of Language
BOTTOMLINE RHYME as foodz4thought

Authored by BRENDAH ebonitia NERO
hip-hopz premiere phulosopher

We, some mo' of the people, can begin again, 
in this time, jus' like we al-l-awayz knew we shoulda. --Just US Folks, 1904
IT  is a sound theory WITH FACE VALIDITY.
KnowBody knows about The ALL-of-it.
KnowBody knows KnowThing.
Some people understand that what sounds like a (w)rap iz something you can wear, do to film, chant, take, and eat. 
While affording YourSelf the opportunity to hear, and think, of WORD as an entity unto itzSelf,  you can learn Sound's Way of demonstrating a greater level of reaspect for your Self.
That word is : WHY
Keep (y)our weight on. Turn (y)our wait off.

ASK YourSelf:
Which wait:weight controls your you?
Whooze weight:wait is truly phat?
What, or who, is over the weight:wait limit?
Did you pay for your attention or due you just take credit?
Are you forced to come to attention--again & again?
The Simulltaneity of Language 2