racyst :a non-believer in the existence of a human race; one who believes that there is more than one race of people indigenous to the planet Earth

reamember :conscious effort to become more conscious of the higher self; a powerfull connection between mind, body, and
Spirit; ; the elderly abillity to vividly recall events of the past;
the act of exercising consciousness as memory recall of latent knowledge

reckonize :self-empowermeant, resullt of a proven point;
convinced; grudging respect; concession

self :a uniquely individuallised twining of the body, mind,
Spirit, and personallity

us-all : the totalled population of Life on this planet  

Uzing :the gift of gab, the abillity to sync rhythm and Word

what-sow-forever  :the fact that your energy returnz to/
with you, and as yoU

WORD :all of spoken/written language(s); most recent sound used as a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact;
most often used commodity

it : the only word that can be used as an expression of
itzSelf  as the height of abstract comprehension; understood
as a first, last, only, every thing, everything, nothing, top, bottom;
most least, chosen, disscarded; the buzz word of buzz words; 
a tag

itz  :a new/knew noun resulting from the fact that possession,
or status, has no relevance to that which is every, every thing, and nothing

itzSelf  :a previously not known proper noun; stems from
belief that Word is an entity that effects an affect from/as us, and within, each of us; the totall(ed) sense of being of every
living, breathing, creature

it-all :sum of/some of what Life has created; a personall existence

knew-way :reconceived understanding (forgotten, or forsaken);
a return to the tried, and true

knew-age :time of growing awareness; era of focused consciousness; age of mind expansion

KnowBody : has no need of a physicall body for as Spirit IT is every thought, body, thing, concept, and/or idea theism; intellectuallized abstract term used inter-intrachangeably with (or as a fusion of) Prime Creatrix, The Creator, The Great Spirit, Amitabha Buddha, Most High, Jehovah, GOD, Al-Lah, Adonai, Al-Lat, THE ALL...
say it & knot

Written by
BRENDAH  ebonitia   NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

you use your wordz to be The Man
you do turn tables/Take a stand
you are the buzz of what you said
you be the wordz still in our headz

you are the wordz you chooze to know
you be the wordz you choze to sow
all around you iz The ALL within you
Reamember   it iz all about you
az the who you be, and due, too
chooze to be it/Chooze to keep it
ITz A Rap!
ALL-of-it, The :that which is, does (k)not matter/will be created, is dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what has materialized, idealized, fantasized, or been underutilized as circumstance and experience; contents of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mind, totaled production minus environmental damage....  (Theatre_Hollywood _Politix _Religion + doldrum + truths + fantasy + fact + reallities % by deferred dreams)
continU(se)   :recognition of the existence and/or effect assimillated, and individuallized, knowledge; more of a belief
with the same belief; cell memory

e-racyst : someone who believes in a racially hued supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

in    :a word symbol that indicates A Way; that peace of you/me that is Spirit; symbolic location of the piece that is a peace for you/me; temple of the Spirit

insite :inner locale of the peace for you that is a peace to me, too; Spiritz space
U iz what yoU thinkz of it.

We use wordz to live. 

The use of wordz makes each One individUall, but (k)not a separated part of the whole whether we know it, can see it, chooze to like it, or knot.

Your thoughtz are energized toolz, and like seedz, are used best when strewn upon a conscientious, Universall, goall.

You listen, speak, or write, and each seed that iz sown manifestz
itzSelf within time--on time.

Your soulz desire iz to help
this universe continU  to master the art of what-sow-forever we wish and create.

How duhz the sound of it do yoU?
when you walk talk just to small talk
you use the word to get a high
of feelingz, thoughtz, and imagez
you use the word, and wonder why
mostly we get acclimated
often we get more acquainted
you see, we be, she say, no way 
'till you're sure what we see...truly
personallity that iz you
iz the way you chooze to be you
with the wordz you use to due you
wordz still whirr, and turn, within you
'cauz they remember us-all   to you
to who forgot whatz said about you
without the he said, she said do, too
be more for you...the you thatz true.
The Word iz gold.  Your mindz insite
all yourz, itz mine, plus hourz plus time
a much spoken commodity
az free az we need it to be
your wordz are you, be you, were you,
each word iz, and whirrz within you
whirlz of wordz go round, and bind you
'till you forget what!z said around you
you said each word you ever knew
your lies for sure az hell are you
no One forgetz whatz said by two.
each lie constipates you, boo--who?
swollen in you...sticking you, too
stopping up the all you know, boo
starting due-do...who do you do?
making you screwed up within, too
knot about it? Way out of it?
tongue-tied up--in knotz about it
az word circles all around you
sowing you to all thatz still you
what you perceive to be iz you, boo
what you believe/If you deceive
you diss, and cover up your best
while never knowing happiness
Reamember-- it iz still about you
all around you/The ALL within you
what you said still whirrz and iz you
chooze your wordz and be a (k)new you
use your love of Word sublime
use The Word like itz  your business
chooze your wordz for peace of mind
being--for you/The you thatz true
U iz what YOU thinkz of it.
Copywrite 2006  BRENDAH ebonitia NERO
An Excerpt From
Cross-Stitch Peace
Uzing  wordz to just get over
Uzing  word like it duhz time

Uzing  wordz like they ain't KnowThing
Uzing  wordz you can undermine

Uzing  word like itz a bad, thing
Uzing  wordz to teach kidz crime

Uzing  wordz you feel for KnowThing
Uzing  Word  killz more than time

Uzing  Word like you know my thing
Uzing  wordz you waste your  time

Uzing word like you know something
Uzing  wordz to be prime timed

Uzing  wordz to learn a true thing
Uzing  Word re(k)newz the mind

Uzing  wordz to due your god thing
Uzing  Word to speak your mind
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KnowThing :[pronounced like nothing] a theism; abstract term used intra- interchangeably [or az a fusion] with Prime Creatrix, GOD, The Great Spirit, Most High, Jehovah, Yahweh, The Goddess, Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL; that which is all-knowing

mind, mynd, mynding :to dig deep within your personall senses
or thought; inner quest for knowledge; asking pertinent questions

oneness of it-all, the  :wholeness and ballance; intra-
inter-relatedness of body, mind, and spirit; akin to holy

otherwize :a poetic sense of intuitive knowing resullting
in an unusually simple interpretation of a situation or event
West Africa
Let it be...
for it with
Having Know Choice
The Simultaneity of Language 1 
A Peace of Mind
Be for it
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved
Copyright  2003    Brenda Holmes Nero