ALL-of-it, The : that which was/is/was (k)not/will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totality, of what has materiallized, idealised, fantasized, or been underutillised as circumstance and experience; the contents of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mind; totalled production minus environmentall damage (Theatre_Hollywood_Politix _Religion + doldrum + truths + fantasy + fact + reallities % by deferred dreams )

becauz a why? and point of origin; universall workings/choices that you/we made leading to a particullar situation, or end result; the Naturall Law of Life 

continUse  : recognition of the existence and/or effect of assimillated, and individuallized, knowledge; more of a belief with the same belief; cell memory

EveryBody : every "we" as a grouping, or world population; the physicall entirety of breathing Life

e-racyst : someone who believes in a racially hewd supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

in  : word that dictates location, direction, and A Way; the peace of you/me that is Spirit poised; Spirit space

it : the only word that can be used as an expression of itzSelf as the height of abstract comprehension; understood as first, last, only; every thing, EveryThing, nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chosen, disscarded; the most power-full word of the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz, a tag

it-all : sum of/some of what Life haz created; a personall existence
KnowBody  duhz it ?!

Written by
BRENDAH ebonitia    NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

This Just US Folkz Tale iz about four different kindz
of folkz known to us-all  az The Big B4.

 They still exist, and are known respectively az:   
EveryBody, SomeBody, AnyBody, and  KnowBody. 

This folkz tale beginz at The Last BEginning,
where it-all  choze to start up again.

Az far az The ALL-of- it  iz concerned,
AnyBody, and EveryBody can in allwayz be successfull.

And, there waz this job that waz allwayz there.

I mean, it could never be finished.
It iz a duty, and a never ending reasponse-abillity.

EveryBody waz sure that Somebody would ego trip,
or get to due it ...again. 

Az a matter of fact, AnyBody could have done it ...easily.

Plus, EveryBody knew about it.

And, yet, SomeBody claimed to knot-know KnowThing.

KnowBody  over and understood.
 AnyBody could be it, do it, and get witit.

KnowBody  heard the tremendous silence.

KnowBody  spent time and sum effort.

KnowBody  has common sense. 

KnowBody  developed a greater reasponse-abillity.

Why? becauz : We are all a wonder-full part
of The All-of-it.

Meanwhile, SomeBody didn't like the way KnowBody 
felt about it, and got really pissed off about it-all.

AnyBody choze to hate on EveryBody for not allowing  KnowBody  to simply do what should have been done.

Why? becauz : The ALL-of-it  iz about
EveryBody and KnowBody. 

KnowBody  reconceived The Big Picture.

KnowBody  knew how to prove KnowThing.

Therefore--like The Big B3 before--
KnowBody  runz the scenes behind
the show, while those few thought to be Nobody  injoy a much underestimated understanding of The All-of-it.
Written by
BRENDAH ebonitia   NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

in all wayz i will need you.

for allwayz i will care.

in all wayz i will love you.

for allwayz--i will be--hear...

in all wayz rap me; arm hour self--

for allwayz hold my hand.

in all wayz your hear--within--at reach;

for allwayz my kind of fan.

in all wayz i will feel your spirit...

for allwayz within--dearheart.

in all wayz you know; your wish come true;

for allwayz--like at the start.

in all wayz i know your spirit;

for allwayz within to mynd.

in all wayz i know TRUTH iz reall.

for allwayz-- THE WON to find.

in all wayz iz a forever.

for allwayz never endz.

in all wayz iz eternall.

for allwayz will trance-end.
believe it-allz

Written by
BRENDAH ebonitia   NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

it haz to fall down in the winter
sow we can learn to come together

it haz to fall upon the ground
sow we can learn to bloom in summer

it haz to fall off late in autumn
sow we can learn to rise each spring

it has to go through all that changez
to be and do your thing

it knowz the wayz of our tomorrowz
right now!z and yester-daze

it knowz the endz are knew beginningz
of the presentz many wayz

it knowz the rites and all the wrongz
we remembered to forget

it knowz the what?z, wearz, whenz, and howz
we learn--this ain't over yet

you know you can believe it-all.
itz  here for you to see.

you know you can believe it-all...
My Self
ITz A Rap! 
Having Know-Choice
The Simulltaneity of Language  1
ITz A Rap!
Pay KnowMind
Collage Peace
Sweet Pea Garden
Cross-Stitch Peace
The Simulltaneity of Language  2
The Simulltaneity of Language  3
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
itz --hear....
Brenda Holmes Nero    Copyright 1990    Revised 2014
Brenda Holmes Nero  Copyright 1992  Revised 2007
West Africa
Brenda Holmes Nero 
Copyright 1994
An Excerpt From
A Peace of Mind 
West Africa
Sweet Pea Garden
My Self 
Having Know Choice
for it with
in & for allwayz
KnowBody duhz it?
When iz enough...enough?
A Peace of Mind
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
The Simulltaneity of Language 1 
Whatz IT all about?
HipHopz Premiere Phulosopher
Why?z are wize.
mynd, myn:the abillity to dig deep within your personall senses/
thought; inner quest for knowledge; the asking of trully pertinent

racyst :a non-believer in the existence of a human race; one who
believes that there is more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth

reasponse-abillity  :tallent to ascertain a given situation; free of deniall; an intuitive understanding that indicates the degree to which you are being true to your self

self  :a unique and individuallized twining of the body, mind, spirit,
and personallity

us-all :the totall popullation of this planet

wheel-know :knowledge that generates change, creates movement, or initiates tremendous growth

won-kindaway  :a stunning upset; sometimes expressed as "the Lord workinin mysterious ways"

Word :all of spoken and written language(s); most recent sound used as a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; most often used commodity

wordsurge :surfaced abillity to write/speak/crate understanding after seeking/observing/listening/pondering; a spirituelle gift of gab
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved
itz :a new/knew noun resullting from the fact that possession, or status, haz no relevance for that which can be every thing, EveryThing,
and nothing.

itzSelf  :a knew known proper noun; stemz from belief that
Word iz an entity that effectsz an affect from/az, and within, each of
us; the totalled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature

knot-know, knot-knew :to allow the heart to rule the head; a staunch belief in stereotypes/gossip; intuitive understanding; DNA

KnowBody :theism; intellectuallized abstract term used inter-  
intrachangeably (or az a fusion) for WORD, Prime Creatrix, The Creator, GOD, The Great Spirit, Most High, Shango, Amitabha Buddha, Jehovah, God, Al-Lah, The Goddess, Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL...; haz no need of a physicall body for az Spirit IT iz every thought, body, thing, concept, and/or idea 

KnowThing :theism; abstract  term used intra-  interchangeably  (or az
a fusion) with WORD, Prime Creatrix, God, The Great Spirit; Most High, Shango, Yahweh, Jehovah, The Goddess, Al-Lah, Amitabha Buddha,
Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL....
in & for allwayz
KnowThing lasts forever.
KnowBody knowz.
IT standz
to reason.