ALL-of-it, The : that which is/does (k)not matter/will be created, is dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what has materiallized, ideallized, fantasized, or been underutillized az circumstance and experience; contents of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mind; totalled human production minus
environmentall damage  (Theatre_Hollywood _Politix_Religion + doldrum + fantasy + truths + fact + reallities % by deferred dreams)

continU (se: recognition of the existence of an assimilated/individuallized affect/effect within the self; traditional behavior/knowledge;
more of a belief with the same belief; cell memory

e-racyst : someone who believes in a racially heud supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

EveryThingpersonallized totallity of all that is matter and has mattered; an existence; past plus present experience; the totalled manifestation in a universe of Prime Creatrix/God (See: EveryBody, EveryOne, KnowThing)
hear : here fused sound/term used to acknowledge the acceptance of what was heard while also being experienced; being here now; affirmative agreement (kin to word-up) (pronounced as one fused syllable)
knew-age time of growing awareness; era of focused consciousness raising

knew-way recalled knowledge/understanding that was forgotten, or forsaken; return of/to the tried, and still true

knew-word : a word you never knew you never knew; proof that word iz a living entity 

KnowBody : theism, intellectuall term for Prime Creatrix/The Great Spirit/Most High/Jehovah/God/Al-Lah/Godess/Amitabha Buddha/Al-Lat/
Adonai/The ALL...; has no need of a physicall body for as Spirit IT iz the collected totallity of every present & deferred dream, thought, concept, and idea 

know-choice : an advantage; the skill of fear free, open minded, decision making; conscious self-empowerment; a known duty;
response; destiny 

mind, mynd, mynding : to dig deep within your personall senses/thought; inner quest for knowledge; asking of pertinent questions

oneness of it-all, the  wholeness and balance; inter-relatedness of body, mind, and Spirit; akin to holy

otherwize : a poetic sense of intuitive knowing resulltinin an unusually simple interpretation of a situation or event; a scratchpad phulosopher 

racyst : a non-believer of the existence of the human race; one who believes that there iz more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth

reamember conscious effort to become conscious of the higher self; a power-full connection between mind, body, and Spirit; an elder's abillity to recall events of the past; excercising of consciousness az memory; the recalling of latent knowledge

reckonize : self -empowerment, end an beginning result of a proven point; grudging respect; submission coupled with concession

seaming reallity, a : your life az you define (your idea of) it; a personall existence filled with opinion, memories, broken promises, concepts, false premises, actuall truth, lies, and stereotypes

self  : a uniquely individualized twining of the body, mind, Spirit, and personallity

us-all : the totall population of this planet

we-all : a specific, cohesive, group with the total population

Word  : all of spoken, and written, language(s); presently a sound/word used az a positive affirmation (i.e. word-up!), used as a question
 of truth/fact; the most freely used commodity; the gift of gab
The Art of Mynding
Be carefull what you wish for. You may get it.

Words are seedling points of light that reference, demonstrate, and participate, as Life's energy.

WORD is a pre-dissposed, non-dissposable, tool we share, and call language.
Words are a verbal depiction of The Big Picture. The Word, IT demonstrates the oneness of it-all.

continUus flow of WORD is a banquet of food-for-thoughtWhile WORD duhz us, we manifest it, and declare the existence of --it--while using and being used by The ALL-of-it.

The Simultaneity of Language 

While growing & flowing, I also created a 6' X 20' collage: The Writing On The Wall. And, after much pushing, HourGlass Lexicon, a listing of knew-age words, was born.

We each make choices. We-all have know-choice. Can you dig it? I did...literally.
An Excerpt From
for it with
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

As a young reader, I fell in love with the flexibil-l-ity of your use of language.

I love itz power as both the spoken, and written, tokens we call Words.
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A Peace of Mind
consciousness iz unlimited.
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Collage Peace
Sweet Pea Garden
Poetry Plus
Pay KnowMind
Cross-Stitch Peace
ITz  A Rap!
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
West  Africa
Having Know-Choice
The Simultaneity of Language  1
The Simultaneity of Language  2
The Simultaneity of Language  3
"Hmmm, let me write that down..." 
grew from a pile of scratchpad notes into a textbook.
The overcoming of My Understanding continUse as an Otherwize Way.
As I gain an understanding of my overcoming, I culltivate a unique insite within.

One morning, in the Spring of 1988, while going with The Flow, I awakened at the very end of a story that had begun in my dreams. Quickly...I wrote down what is still my favorite "peace of mynd."

Pay KnowMind is a Just US Folk Tale that transcends the meanings of class, time, and space.

After 10 years of living on The Island, I heard Time call to Change. In the Summer of 1992, I returned to the heart of The Silk City in search of an urban experience, and greater social diversity for my two sons. 

Today, as a ongoing result of My Life Lessonz, I am a standpoint writer,
poetplaywrite/actresscollage artist, cross stitch artist, and scratchpad philosopher.

Hope Floats. Justice Endures. Truth Rises.
WORD is--as itzSelf--an audacious sign of hope.

YOUR WORD, or your use of language--especially your interpretation of the wordit
--creates an inter-related--and intra-connected----flow to--from--with--and as--EveryThing.

Integrity is to Spirit what marrow is to bone. The makings and workings of the word, IT, fuses each One of US--like dotz--including unliked dots--to The ALL-of-it.

Culltivate your sense of integrity.

Become more aware of The ALL-of-it.

Learn knew-words.
in      : a word that indicates a direction, and A Way; that peace of you/me that is Spirit; location/where that piece of me/you that is a peace for you/me is poised; temple of the Spirit

insite : inner locale of the peace for you that is a peace to me, too; Spirit space

it : the only word that can express itzSelf  as the height of abstract comprehension; understood as a first, the last; a one and only;
all the rage; your all;  nothing, top, bottom, most, least, chosen, discarded; the most power-full word of the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz; a tag; most recent fad

itzSelf  : a knew noun; stemz from belief that Word is an entity that effects an affect from/as us, and within, each of us; the totalled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature

it-all sum of/some of what Life has created; a personall existence
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KnowBody does know.
LIFE is the Master Teacher.
In both word and deed, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Go within to find out.

It will be what it will be whether/weather we let it or knot.

We each have know-choice.
Question, mynd, and listen.

Your over&understanding of The ALL-of-it continUse.
It creates on-site, at first sight, and in-sight training.

judge-knot less UB judged is both a word [integrity] and a division [back-wordz] problem.

Black & white are (k)not races.
They are States of Mind that divide and shun
from within and [for those] without.

It is all connected.


The ALL-of-it.
Why?z are wize.
A very good student is ready just in case the teacher appears.

In 1982, I was a newly acquired wife, and a brand new older, and wiser, mother. 
Motherhood expanded and lifted my Spirit. I began to take, and make, note of my knots.

A young family, we moved to an island located off the coast of Massachusetts. While living on Martha's Vineyard--as far back, and up, into the woods as I could get us--my two sons, my garden, and I, agreed to grow while raising each other.

We were nourished, and cultivated, by my other obsession -- Sweet Pea Garden.

As we perfected The Art of Gardening, mySelf  listened to my mynd  think. My mouth, eyes, ears, and heart-well opened. My me, my Self, and my I, got paid some mynd. Soothed, obsessed, impressed, and organically fed, I dug, planted, and harvested another knew-way

I listened, learned, and grew up enough to feel, see, and hear Word speak for itzSelf. A master-full teacher reminds. I became an excellent student again. I learned a knew-way of listening to the whirl of words around

I never thought of that, or this, this, and that...before.... 
BRENDAH  ebonitia  NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher