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know-choice :the skill of open mynded decison making; conscious self empowerment

know-more :childlike curiosity; burning desire for knowledge; the pressure/anxiety resullting from standardized tests

KnowWhere :the space for words/images to know/record/recycle; where memory (energy/word) iz kept; a double U access point

mynd, mynding: to dig deep within your personall sense/thought; inner quest for knowledge; asking of pertinent questions;
search for/maintenance of a personall belief system

racyst a non-believer in the existence of the human race; one who believes that there iz more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth

reamember  :conscious effort to become more conscius of the higher self; a powerfull connection betwen mind, body, and spirit; an elder's
abillity to recall events of the past; exercising of consciousness as memory to recall latent knowledge

reasponse-abillity  :tallent to ascetain a given situation; free of deniall; an intuitive understanding that indicates the degree to which you are
being true to your self

reckonize :self-empowerment; end & beginning resullt of a proven point; grudging respect; submission coupled with concession

rite-wash :a clarifying, and spiritUally cleansing, experience

seam(z), seamed :points in time, or locations, where reallity iz visible, or loud, but clear, and filled with a great number of vibes, reasons,
and symbolz

sow-much :karmic retribution,  justice, ballanced achievement  

summore :some more of more-and-more; rampant consumerism; heartz desire

self :a unique, and individuallized, twining of the body, mind, spirit, and personallity

won-fact  :hard earned lesson resullting in mutuall understanding and respect

won:one :integrall fusion resullting from the keeping of your word; example of the simulltaneity of language; pronounced with one syllable
az blended thought

Word :all of spoken and written language(s); most recent sound used az a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; most often
used commodity

wordsurge :surfaced abillity to write/speak/create understanding after seeking/observing/listening/pondering; a spiritUall flow of Word;
often confUsed with the spirituelle gift of gab
e-racyst :someone who believes in a racially hued supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

EveryThing :a very personall, eyes-only, totall of all that--thus far--iz mattering for/to you/me/us-all plus all emotional energy; an existence;
past plus present experience; the totalled manifestation in this universe of Prime Creatrix/GOD...

 in    :word that dictates location, direction, and a way; the peace of you/me that iz Spirit poised; Spirit's space

indeed(z) :a conscious choice; the self's assurance against inner abandonment

it :the only word that can be used as an expression of itzSelf az the height of abstract comprehension; seen as a first, last, only, everything,
nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chosen, disscarded; most power-full word in the English language; buzz word of buzz words; a tag

it-all :sum of/some of what Life has created; a personall existence

itz :a new noun resulting from the fact that possession, or status, has no relevance for that which iz every thing, and nothing

itzSelf  :a previously not known noun; stems from belief that Word iz an entity that effects an affect from/as, and within, each of us; the totalled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature

knew :expanded definitiion of a standardized understanding of intuitive learnig; recalled knowledge that allowz for differently made choices; remembered multiple life experience

knew-way :recalled knowledge/understanding that waz forgotten, hidden, or forsaken; return of/to the Tried & True

knot-knowing: intuitive understanding; unconscious acceptance of institutionallized untruth; DNA

KnowBody :theism; an intellectuallized abstract term used inter- intrachangeably (or az a fusion) with WORD, Prime Creatrix, God, The Great
Spirit, Most High, Shango, Amitabha Buddha, Jehovah, The Goddess, Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, THE ALL; haz no need of a physicall body for az
Spirit IT representz every kind of personalllity, thought, or idea 
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved

All the meanwhile, KnowMind got paid to take itz toll.

Impatience would often overwhelm hiz hope of ever becoming more like The Wize.
Each time he felt the distancing weepiness of depression, he would remember to reamember.
Using The Logic of The Promise, he knew that his portall would open--automatically--on his LastDay
at the sounds of The Correct. He would respond well to those words.

He waz KnowMind.
Good things go for & come back, too, to those who wait well.

At the sound of The Correct, everything else would become know-more-good
He had turned stubborn, and hardheaded, inside out. He waz now steadfast, and consistent,
as only the won of his kind could become. He did this while being paid no mind.
Hiz error in thinking had been the belief that he could actUally, and without consequence, take know-more.

And, yet, he had managed to remain gratefull for that one more thing to learn.

He experienced monUmentall change az he maintained hiz mynding  portall, and The Rainbowz Bridge.
Untill a significant Other came hiz way, KnowMind would remain standing.
To him, this riddle waz still like the north star, but he waz running out of a belief in bright, new, ideas.
Sometimes he felt like he waz the Rite Guard to an unknown place, and trapped within the times.
Well into hiz second BEginning, KnowMind still expected to enter The Land of the Wize 
with connectionz to the credited rich, and prosperous.
He focused hiz hotspotz, and knot-now!z, onto hiz treasured chest and rippled abs. 
The automated gate woulda yellowed but for KnowMind.  He brushed, wiped, oiled, and polished daily.

If he had knot, and with a passion--the bridge woulda sullied. He expected the gate to swing, and open freely.

KnowMind knew--without a doubt--that would be it...for him.
KnowMind had learned to let go of the past--at least once a day, in every kind of way.
He waz tired of the chains that came with making, owning, counting, and waiting for change.
His full circle came with over & understanding. He had become a wonder-full part of The ALL-of-it.
The next opening of the automatic gates would be about his self, too.
At last, just maybe, his just due waz about to just get done.
On this, hiz very first LastDay, all he could do waz gaze at her.

Oh yea, and he grinned, while his head nodded a drug-free approvall.
Cool, and casuall like, he said the first thing that came to his knewly inabled mind.

What a jewel you are, he said. What does your U call your Self ?

Az he reckonized  the gold mine she called her mind, she answered hiz second reall question.

She grinned back at him--brightly enough to be for-reall competition.
All the while she wondered how hiz Possibillity would lead up to two--times 2.
He over & understood the rite of passage called The PromiseHe waz now all-ready.

My name iz Sapphire, she said.  My Momma named & claimed me as her -- Sapphire.

KnowMind offered her his right arm, a pleasing surmise, and said--flatly, Understood.
It now meant--then & there--that they would move on up, safely, and go through the portall--together.
While smoothing the front of her dress, she considered whether or not she should accept any of his armz.
From out of KnowWhere  came vague ideas about the present, plus those that were a product of the past.
Once again, she let it-all go. She shook loose the clingy feelings that pulled
at the hemline of her skirt--surrounding her ankles, and bare feet.
The art of drawing her self up--and along the way--had become a way of being a long ago.
She saw the light come on--in hiz eyes--and made her best forever decision.
She lifted her head and gazed at the wordengraved within the marbled stone.
Together--arm in arm--they stood tall az they eased on down the road
and into the portall that led onto a bridge made from sweat, tearz, and color.
They came through The ALL-of-it  to in-joy--a peacefull State of Mind.
KnowMind waz watching a sight for sore eyes, and he waz loving her vibe--for reall.
This Other--in all her dark brown beauty--trully understood the pressures of a life's time.
INdeedz, compiled during rough, and tumble, times, radiated within as the loveliness of acceptance. 
Suddenly, all loud, he heard his self saying to the rising of the sun, and KnowBody  in particullar...
Pressure makes every jewel what it iz.

The Wayz of The Wize  maintain ballance while generation after generation continUse, mulltiplies, divides, and conquers.

For a while, he even blamed it-all on the chains. Az coinbecame scarcer, the chains divided.
Many were gold plaited crosses that thugged & hollered the lyricall soundings
of an upbeat : beatdown U People marching out & insync with a misogynistic in & outrage.

KnowMind remained integrall, even though thatz what had gotten him assassinated.
Still questioning The Work Kingz of the world, he now knew enough not to forgot
that his purpose waz to maintain the mynding  portall, and to wait for the soundness of The Correct.

During these times, the mynding  portall waz dark, and silent. 
Pay KnowMind

Written by
BRENDAH  ebonitia   NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher
KnowMind stood there--with much attention--before the toll gates of a mynding portall that bridged a mindflow famous for being the same width, and color, az the sky. Hiz major reasponse-abillity  waz to recite his riddle for those who wanted to make their way through.

A long-long time ago, he had gotten to see, feel, taste, touch, and hear about the  EveryThing  that waz in all ways going on. 

Meanwhile, this voluntary assignment had become his obsession. And, up untill now, the people had come, and gone at will-- but they had allways come before...again, and again...untill now.
KnowMind didn't get an immediate reaction, which spared him the usuall disappointment.
Most of the time, the single letter U waz flung at him all along with utter frustration.
For what  seamed  the longest of times, many Otherz had refused to think about it...again.
Still, he found no fault with their struggle to Wize-Up. 
She approached him allmost to casually. He waz a sight for sore eyes.

An expansive State of Mind existed on the the other side. 
Not The Promised Land -- but a land where promises are kept.

She approached him allmost to casually.

He waz a sight for sore eyes.

So were the pearlz that encrusted the gate behind him.

The Rainbowz Bridge climbed up, and up--into the clouds--as a rainbow of primary colors. 
Pay KnowMind
Az she paused, she reallized that KnowMind did not know. 
Sow, & becauz each One duhz teach One, she decided to take him the won-step--further.
She, too, needed to make some sense of it-all -- this knot was not just for him.
She felt his desire for unity, and drew her word up thought-fully from the well-spring
of freely associated ideas that held her captive during past times. 
Firmly, and clearly, she stated --KnowBody duhz know.
Diss iz why when you ask the question "when iz all war goin' to end," 
you git told that  KnowBody  knows.
KnowMind could only blink while his mouth--and hiz ears--fell wide open.
The change in his male mind-set seamed  like it waz all of a sudden.
He--literally--waz taken aback by the simplicity of her correctness.
He waz rite-washed  deep into a well-coming of being that became him.
He knew he had just received a reply that felt just like it , but waz just right--for him.
Her words flowed & tinkled -- re-creating-ting -- thought  that often played within her Self.
KnowMinover & understood her knew-way explanation regarding The ALL-of-it.
The gates that had come to know him reamembered  & act-knowledged  this becoming & knowing.
They swung open with an alacrity of colored light that lifted, cleared, and showered upon them a knew-way.
This waz a LastDay because it-all  had--at last--ended.

Time heals as it creates change, and KnowMind gradually became acquainted with his innermost senses.
Each day had dawned clearly, and exactly the same as the day before. This day, however, as he watched the Won-Other stride, and step, across his horizon, his amber sword gleamed in response the forever-lasting twilight of his last time.

KnowMind waz about to get paid some mynd.
for it with
KnowMind had been standing there for a very very long time.
KnowBody   ha-a-d to say that he had been through at least one forever. The What!everz that 
led people to his mynding  portal seemed to be in gridlock. And, now, this voluntary assignment
just kept on keeping on for what now seamed  like a very long, lo-o-o-ng time.
What he now knew was that less people came, and went, less and less often.
And, he was afraid that perhaps he had done, seen, felt, and heard it-all.

KnowMinwaz a Rite Guard to a major mynding  portall  that led to one of the many
The States of Being that surround sound a people known collectively as - The Wize

The Wize   play speak & spell with mind-full chilldren, and the young at heart.
They seed answerz to questions in the form of puzzles, riddles, theatre, and monumentall change.

The Wize  know how to take care of every body's businessThey paid KnowMind

They know that their wayz, and meaningz, coil around, and bleed, through The States of Being.
From within what matters, The Wize  create understanding by observing, describing, and analyzing signz, and times.
The States of Being inter- and intra-connect.
Each haz a Rite Guard who rite-fully renactz the making of The Toll.

During the first beginning, KnowMind unlearned what he thought he knew. He was led to wonder.
Az he became wonder-full, he observed how the inner-questz were being given less thought,
and understood why the get-highwayz remained deadlocked in greed-lock. 
The twin States of Constant Pain, and Anxiety, waz jam-packed with medicated numb nutz.
The State of War seethed with the religious intensionz of the blind-dead, while Bliss, and Peace,
were  under-reallized, and very much in need of the handz-on-living. 

Az The State of Affairs became a sad, lonely, and abusive place, The State of Embarrassment
remained in a perpetuall state of turmoil because of anger, pride, blame, and deniall. Tired, and just played out,
most of the people now passed through the black & white portalls that led down
--into the twin States of BeFore and Arrested Development

Behind KnowMind were the portall gates that led up--into The State of Mind--and he
waz beginning to believe they would remain closed for another forever.
Except for someone who died a token, The Toll iz paid while being true to your self.

The States of Being inter- and intra- connect.
Each haz a Rite Guard who rite-fully enactz the making of The Toll.

Personally, KnowMind had come & gone, through the making of hiz own changes again, and again.
The less the people came, however, the more often he had to reamember  with The Promise.

He held tightly to a belief in the won:one  person who would hear, and speak with him.
And he went through quite a few changes.
He no longer felt waited down by a desire for wealth, and choze to do without sparkling, hot, entanglements.

The only labels he wore were required by hiz chozen self-direction.
They were self  confidence, and smile that held hiz many nodz of approvall, plus a well-polished purpose.
What!ever-However-Wherever The Wayz of The Wize  begin
they allwayz do end with an even, and better question.

KnowMindz riddle waz putting him through much questionable change.  The answer waz too simple.
KnowBody  knew there waz won:one  person who knew The Answer.

He stood waiting for a sign, and the sound of The Correct.
Hiz mynding  portall had become a place from which to observe. Most of the other Otherz
choze to believe what waz said to them over, and over,...again, and again.

What he still didn't know waz that he must first learn how to see, and, then, why to listen. He still had much to learn.

Az that last ending faded into the most recent past againKnowMind became spite-full.
He still thought he knew who wouldn't have an answer. He had little respect to The Many More People
who had heard him recite the riddle--again, and again.
Time marched on for four foreverz bringing Just US Folk with just plain smarts.

KnowMind choze to recite the wordz of the riddle again, again, again, and again.
He knew an answer existed over the bridge--through the portal.

This he reallized az a wonfact.
Much time passed before the burden began to lay him down. He saved hiz self  by Paying it Forward.
Hiz treasured chest waz now nearly empty of the gold, and platinum, chainz of heavy linkz upon hiz heart.
At last, he reamembered, and now he understood why he preferred the coins.
They, in all wayz, became change.

Holding onto the words of The Promise, he remained standing--with much attention.
Feeling like he would be the last to arrive, his stillness iz what allowed him to grow within The Flow.
He learned that The ALL-of-it  would continU and allways be whether he let it, or knot.
And, whoop! -- just like that -- he understood why his mynding  portall, had become a dream deferred;
but still destined to become truth within itz  time. 
Whereaz, most of the Otherz rushed passionately toward him over-filled with facts from triviall pursuits,
she appeared to no longer have any need for wants--and absolutely no reason to hurry.

Many of the Otherz lived, got laid, lied & died, in an artificiall way while wasting much of their Life's time,
On this end, they appeared unprepared to comprehend.

He noticed how her meander waz different as she strolled for-word with unique fashion. 

The sparkle of a twinkle in his eye began to glimmer, and radiate, as he recognized the expression on her face.
The intensity of her gaze spoke of a hope she carried within. He chose to study the all of her.

As sum of what he needed to know approached, KnowMind stood with the possibillity of paying even more attention. 
His own hope responded accord-ding-dingly as an allmost forgotten melody.

There waz more of sow-much more.
He paid no mind to the gates behind him, which were allways ablaze with a white, pearly, light.
The Rainbowz Bridge gloried az the primary colors. As she approached, his inner--common--sense whirled,
and puffed up, allowing him to further ascertain. A breeze sprang up that smelled like the sweetness called jazz.
Her face held a deep, rich, and daring, brown.
She waz all-live and filled with the beauty of appreciation rather than the demands of expectation.
What he studied was how she chose to appear.
KnowMind now stood--with the abillity to pay even more attention as she came to a halt directly in front of him.
A profusion of yellow ribbon tied to her waist-length locks glowed in response to the color-filled light behind him. 
A g-o-o-d mawnin' to you, Master GateKeeper,  she said quite matter of factly. 
How you be feelin' on dis heah most wonder-filled day? 
KnowMinnodded his head, and began The Observance of Know-Choice with the flourish of a finall peformance.
Head erect, eyes straight ahead, he spoke with a voice that made it-all clear.
Haz Life taken the toll ?
He watched as closely as ever. This wa the place where he had amassed his long-gone fortune.
He briefly recalled the contemporary offerings of coin, fame, and intimacy offered up to him time and time again.

Az he dissed it-all again, he felt almost unprepared for her words even though
they were spoken clearly with firmness, and conviction.
It mos' certainly has, Kind-Sir, she answered calmly, and with a smile.
Now, how does one go 'bout openin' dis heah gate?
Having done this many-many, many times before, he waz prepared to continU
Az a long forgotten feeling stirred itzSelf  up from down deep within his heart-well, he stifled his own self.
The Rituall must be completed!   his Self  said in stern silence. 
With a magnificent showing of much culltivated dignity, KnowMind answered her question.
One must state the correct response. She nodded, pursed her full lips, and said, Hmmmmm-hmmmmm.
With that, his ages-old riddle rang forth with luminous efficiency.
Who, and what, is KnowBody ?
This One choze to pick her brain like a cotton field in bloom with dreams deferred.
 She chose to mynd, or dig through her own personallized sense of Thought.
 She waz a ponderer who had gotten over The ALL-of-it.
An Excerpt From
ALL-of-it, The :that which does (k)not matter, iz, will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what haz materiallized, ideallized, fantasized, or been underutillized az circumstance and experience; contentz of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mindtotalled production minus environmentall damage  (Theatre_Hollywood_Politix_Religion + doldrum + truths + fantasy + factz + reallities % by deferred dreams)

allsow :ongoing resullts; ...what I know now; cullminated knowledge

blind-dead :dangerously miss-informed; resullt of systemic miss education 
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consciousness iz unlimited,
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 1988  Brenda Holmes Nero
Hitting on it.
Hiz daze waz filled with addition, and collection, while hiz nightz knew the never-ending act of mulltiplication.

He had a me, hizSelf, and a big I existence because he waz certain that he had found the easiest way
to get up, in, over, and back out...again, and again.

A victim of hiz own intellectKnowMindbelieved the riddle-to-ask had to be very simple.

The idea that not one simple-minded person had gotten up to it waz trully hard for him to over or understand.
This may
be it...
Working with it.
 A slender wrist guided the long fingers of her calloused hand to form a grace-filled arc through the air.
She spoke softly while using one of her handz to emphasize.
Ah haz all the way believed, she began, that  KnowBody  knowz all about The All-of-it.
It seamz to my me, and to my self, she stated.  KnowBody got no need of a body 'cauz az
The Great SpiritKnowBody iz  Ever'One, and Ever'Thing.
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