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The All-of-it.
Why? becauz :  Words are composed
of seedling points of light  energy that we use, and abuse. 
The Word: it, can be

 any thing


any One




a thing


and still keep it simple.
A B C zzz
We sow for a spell, and reap.

DO:due  well.
knot-be, knot-being : Self  deniall, a tangled existence;
to deny the needz of your self/body; refusall to develop tallent; DNA genotype; systemic nonacceptance (i.e. racizm, sexizm, colorizm...);  process of being true to
your selfinner harmony
knot-it any One and every thing that rite-fully existz
and yet iz unacceptable to you; targeted for oppression or violence; yesterdaze newz; the X
know:no! :the lesson that will never be forgotten, or needed again; sense for injustice; fusion of word
KnowBody :theism; used inter-  intra-changeably (az fusion) witWORD, Prime Creatrix,The Great Spirit,
Most High, Shango, Jehovah, Yahweh, Amitabha Buddha,  The Goddess,Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, Univerall Mind, The ALL...; haz no need of a physicall body; az Spirit IT iz every thought, dream (present & deferred) or idea 
KnowThing : theism; that which iz all knowing; abstract intellectuallized term; used inter- intra-changeable with WORD; The ALL; (See:  KnowBody )
know-choice :the skill of open minded decision making; conscious self  empowerment; known duty/response;
destiny; prescience 
continU(se) :recognition of the existence and/or effect
of assimillated, individUallized, knowledge; practice of cullture; more of a belief in the same beliefz;
cell memory

daze-way, the :repetitive acting while expecting a different resullt
hype-knotik : compelled/governed by marketed concepts, status quo, beliefs, and desires
in     : a word/symbol that indicates a way; that peace of you/me which iz Spirit; the location of/where that piece of you/me that iz a peace for you/me iz poised; temple of the Spirit
inchoir : the still, small, voice within; a remarkably
active conscience
indeed(z) a conscious choice; The Self  assurance against abandonment from within; your spoken/
written word
information :the focus, shape, totall or contentz of
an inner, spirituall, growth and development;
the continUing unfolding of the inner self
inparticullar :that which iz concerned primarily with
inner, spirituall, growth
insite :interdimensionall local of the peace for you that iz a peace to me, too; Spirit space
intone :the flavor added to the gist of a conversation
or situation; attitude
it :the only word used az an expression of itzSelf  az the height of abstract comprehension; understood az a first, last, only, Everything, nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chozen, discarded; the most powerfull word of the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz;
a tag; the big picture; your passion
it-all :sum of/some of what Life haz created; a personall existence
it-knot :that which you must do, or iz due; whatcha gotta do 'cause you just gotta; blood fued
it:a new/knew noun resulting from the fact that
--az itzSelf--possession, or status, haz no relevance
for that which already iz every thing, and nothing
itzSelf    :a previously not known proper noun: stemz from belief that Word iz an entity that effectz an affect from/az, and within, each of us; the totalled sense of
being of every living, breathing, creature
 Over and Understanding The ALL-of-it. 
Every Life-Time is a flow of Thought
colored by choice and (pre)conception.

We-all maintain(s) in a thought-full way--The ALL-of-it.

Your use of language is how your you participates within The Whirl while reckoning as a wonder-full part of The ALL-of-it.

Your YOU matters whether we knoit, like it, or knot. 

As we-all use The Word, it directs, and Usez your you.

What happens is summore, or a continUation of your idea
of what truly is it...for your YOU.

Why? BEcauz:  We each have know-choice.
Think-Well Words  are produced with the letter W.
WHY is a Think-Well Word produced by the The Word.

Wizdom  is an inkstand word produced with the letter W. Coupled with who, what, where, and when, questions are created. There continUse to be a multiplicity of ways to experience information. A lifetime of hard-knock seeking is a path that often leads to a mindset that seeks to incorporate over and understandingThe energy often identified as LIFE demonstrates itzSelf  with and as a curious urge to expand, or exist on and at a level where consciousness is unlimited.

All words create fusion, and enhance thinking. A question is meant to specifically dig and/or sow. Words that stage questions are seeds sown, and scattered...with a purpose.

The information  systems of this globall society concentrate on the what!z  we listen to, and speak about. Rarely, are the why?z  spotlighted.

Why? BEcauz:   Lifetimes (Life plus Time) filled with awry circumstances reproduce, revise, and multiply the number of situations that must be experienced and satisfactorily addressed.
The Art of information 
The Word defines  ITzSelf .
Sweet Pea Garden
Poetry Plus
Pay KnowMind
ITz A Rap!
CrossStitch Peace
Collage Peace
The Simultaneity of Language  3
The Simultaneity of Language  2
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
West Afrika
becauz : a why? plus a point of origin
(i.e. howcome/why);universall workingz/choices leading
to a result or continUation; the naturall law of Life 
The Simulltaneity of  Language 1
A word defines ItzSelf 
OVER & UNDERstanding The ALL-of-it
act-knowledge : the simultaneous abillity to do, understand, and commit; any behavior/wordz that demonstrate an ongoing attempt to fulfill destiny

ALL-of-it, The :that which iz/waz knot/will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what haz materiallized, ideallized, fantasized, or been underutillized az circumstance and experience; contentz of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mind; totalled production minus environmentall damage (Theatre_Hollywood _Politix_ Religion + doldrum + fantasy +  truths + fact + reallities % by deferred dreams )

all-sow :the ongoing resullts;  ...then, what I know
now...; cullminated knowledge

Children sense a "good" question, and expect  a satisfying answer. The simple opinion of childhood, begins with a study of the sound, feel, and way of letters, and words.

Often left untapped is The Flow of childrens' questions as a formula for living.They demonstrate an innate comprehension, or sense for truthfullness. They sense that every situation is the result of a becauz,or why? plus a reason why.

One why? plus a why adds up to 2 why?z--and wizdom.

 Why? BEcauz : Why?z are wize. 
Word is a harmonious rendition of the oneness of it-all.

Only in America has--at the very least--one word from every widely spoken language become acculturated.

Every society battles over the  right : rite : write to demonstrate for, envision, and finance, revelationary revolutionz.

Hiphop, or the denim mindset, is a long-term learning process; a seamingly, globallized, revolutionary revelation.

As your brain allows it to establish itz freedom ring within your mind, a rest from the wrest will follow.

A jazzy, syncretized, synchronized, giant of a little word that can be a noun, and a pronoun, at the same time, and in the same sentence--simultaneously.
Every parent, teacher, and role model, practices the art of information.

Every school year, the process called Show & Tell inculcates
Ask & Listen with an order to Demonstrate & Prove.

The ability to build good character, create a working image, and refocus firmly set minds, is an art form, and ingenious talent. Meaning-full--penciled in--teachers, school nurses, custodians, security guards, and building administrators, sit, and stand, at the forefront of straight-enough lines, armed with holey, forever changing, school budgets.

A look at The Way of Words could raise literacy levels well above fear, bigotry, weak morall character, and underall ignorance that has been consciously primetymed from without and within us-all.
Whooze got to have it?  
Just do what? 
Have you had it your way yet?  
Is sex doing it

What is it for you? 
Is a what! it for you? 

Why did that become it? 

Why is that it no longer it once you get your hands on it? 
Has it become till death do your part? 
Life augments your words.
We think, speak, read and write while using words.
We intone, and play within with it.

Doctors of Education study for a better understanding of the learning process. They know that every thinking child believes that the best question should guarantee a satisfying response. In many ways, they arm Master Teachers with new and revised ways to teach, demonstrate respect, and exercise patience. In turn, they all work hard to leave no child behind. This includes the child who, as a result of every kind of societall issue, must fight to be his, or her, Self.

Meditation, the practice of "mynding," is a tried, and true, Otherwize Way. ​The quiet time of a brilliant inventor, or frustrated child, is a daze-way to the golden silence within--or simply, a search for a satisfying answer.

While, and by, using your words we-all mimic the spiritUallity most of us were taught as children. The daze, and (k)nights of your lives are the moving pictures of the way we-all use(s) your words. In essence, we each deny, or opportune, the existence of unity within--individUally and as a group.

Numbers, and letters, are seedling bitzs and bytes of light energy used to create the reallity of your reallity. Your words seam you to everything that we-all have ever done. Your word perpetuates your attachment to that which is due to--and from--your YOU.

Every day, we-all learn, readjust, and rearrange your vision, in order to create, make requests by design, conceive, support and thwart your individUall, and group lives, while mutually prescribing to a preconceived genre of ideas regarding The ALL-of-it.

Why? becauz :  The ALL-of-it  is a fusion of your idea of it.
To daze and amaze, advertising prostitutes many of your words;
most especially the word:  it.

Many More People  have succumbed to the hype-knotik  lure of market advertising as the media miss-leads us-all onto the path of buying into an idea of what, or who, is truly it.

While U-zing  the word, it, to buy and sell out a weekend sense of Selfwe-all get(s) the supersized idea that doing something, or having that thing [or a sum of any One's thang] is all there is to being about The All-of-it.

With your full, or grudging, cooperation,  some idea of it gets us up every morning, or stays us in bed--together. Sooner or later, ingestion accompanies breakfast table digestion, and perhaps, conversation.

We are sold on every jingled thing from soft drinks to sneakers. This snarled it-knot keeps us-all planning & scheming,
while coming & going.

The ALL-of-it  makes your daze, and fills your nights, while we find, get, be, make, and do what!ever we perceive to be long-term, or momentarily,  it, or knot-it.

Learning to live without what you, yourSelf, perceive(s) to be it, creates tension, and a need to relieve stress. 

Double bushwhacked, we-all prioritize, or re-scramble, onto whoever--or whatever--got in line or came online, as your latest idea of--it.

Why? BEcauz :

We are what we did and do/due.
We become what we ate & chose to accept. 
We are what we believe, & what we deny.
Check it out. 
The Art of  information 
The word it, manifests as itzSelf within us-all.
IT is a power-full word.
An Otherwize  Way
TAG! You are it... 
Which what! : what?  has become it for US/you?

LOOk, and listen, for the word:  it
An Excerpt From
will forever tell it-all.
The Simultaneity of Language 2
Defined as the the third person,

singular pronoun--neuter gender;

 it iz more of sow-much  more. 
A Peace of Mind
Pay KnowMind
A Social Study

Learn More About The All-of-​it .

Having Know-Choice
for it with
Sweet Pea Garden
ITz  A Rap!
The Simultaneity
of Language  3
KnowThing iz for reall.
denim mindset, the :an open-minded willingness to understand new, and different, wayz of thinking,
and being
do:due :actionz plus wordz fused az present/past
behavior; similar to karma; fusion of word
e-racyst : one who believes in white supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide
EveryThing personallized total of all that iz matter
and haz mattered; an existence; totalled manifestation
HowCome Theory, The : belief that you will learn how you allready knew; offshoot of Intuitionism; 
prerequisite to Syncretism

The act-knowledge-meant  of yourSelf 

[as a site of information]
A Peace of Mind
Can it be bought and sold?

How can it be controlled?

Can U make it taste a'ight?

Can I get it every night?
one:won : inner ballance; (integrall fuzion of the word resullting from an understanding of their meaning-full kinship; example of the simultaneity of language; pronounced az one syllable or blended thought)
oneness of it-all, the :wholeness and ballance of Spirit;
akin to holy 
otherwize :a uniquely poetic sense of knowing resullting from an unusually simple interpretation
primetyme, primetymed :targeted to exhibit specific
behaviors in your youth; a manipulated scene, or orchestrated stereotype
racyst : a non-believer in the existence of the human
race; one who believes that there iz more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth
reckonize :self empowerment; grudging respect; submission coupled with concession
revelationary revolution :violent, or non-violent,
societall, or systemic, change that iz the resullt
of increased knowledge, and understanding
revolutionary revelation :an inspired understanding
that leadz the way to large scale spirituall growth,
and development
right : rite : write :pronouned az one syllable; combined powers of truth and justice; often heard az "right on!"

Many More People, The :a vast majority of the economically/politically disenfranchised goball
population; an artificially inflated group, or people
mind, mynd, mynding :to dig deep within your personal sense/thought; inner quest for knowledge; asking of pertinent questionz; focused night or daydreaming
A   S c i e n c e   o f   T h o u g h t
consciousness  iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved
seam(z), seamingly :points, or locations, where
reallity iz visible, or loud, but clear, and filled with a
great amount of reason, and truth
self  :a unique and individuallized twining of the body,
mind, spirit, and personallity    
Self, the :the totall level of consciousness of every
livinbeing on a planet; consciousness of a living planet
s:he :logicall combination of pronounz that remind that
all of us issued forth from the womb
sow-much :unleashing of Life energy; act of speaking,
or writing
summore :belief that more of a thing iz the way to
lasting satisfaction
Think-Well Wordz, The :who, what, when, where, why, and how
us-all :totall population of this planet; all of life's breath
Usez :the wordz you are using az you speak  
Uzing  :the abillity to create lyricall, or witty, phrasez 
in sync with popular rhythmz, beatz, or rhymes
we-all :all of the specific, cohesive (or oppressed) groups within a totalled world popullation
what-what :some thing, or one, you believe you can--or should--own, have, or get
what!z :that which happened trauma/dramatically during a life's time and iz the much ado while becoming a part of reallity; huge issue of the moment
why?z :questions that must be asked, satisfactorily answered, accepted, and thoroughly understood within 
wizdom :a given, sought after, hard won, corrective
mind set/rite; up-lifting response/solution; spirituall and intellectuall satisfaction ( Also spelled wizduhm)
wize :end result of compounded questioning; the question that iz followed by a satisfying answer
why? plus 1 why = wize)
Word :all of spoken, and written, language; most recent word/sound used az a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; the most often used commodity
 it!  Look at, and listen for, it.
The study of one word inparticular word fascinating.
Word is a fusion of thought, sound, and behavior. 
IT iz a
big word.
The Simultaneity of Language
BottomLine Rhyme as foodz4thought

Authored by BRENDAH ebonitia NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher

We, some mo' of the people, can begin again, wit' time to spare, just like
we-all know weez jus' oughta.  -- JustUsFolks (1869)
Meditating on the following questions may lead
to an assessment of your idea of--it.
We-all create, maintain, and empower The All-of-it.
Every type of illness stems from a lack of ballance within.

Many More People are addicted to adullterated entertainment, or the soap opera intrigue of greed, envy, lies, sex, and violence.

Many More People  are compelled by old, and new, news, television programming, and a curiosity that makes their daily focus all about aggrandizement. 

While sowing a field of dreams, your use of words--seamingly, willingly---plays a major role in the creation of--and maintenance of--your reallity, or The ALL-of-it.

When fired-up, the deferred dreams of a tallented mind, may choose to sparkle, flame on, and banish legall lies, and artificiall stigmas such as physicall darkness.

While speaking Truth, you stand ready to maximize the unifying energy within yourSelf. Being true to yourSelf maximizes the wonder-working power of Word.

Why? becauz: KnowThing lasts forever.
KnowBody knows for sure. 
Learn More About The All-of-it.