Why knot  you & me?
The continUation of the justification of objective sensationalization...

race-skyzm : a demonstration of characteristics that denote a state of mind based on the belief in more than one race; a surprise showing of the content of One's character 

racyst, racysm: a non-believer in the existence of the human race; one who believes that there iz more than one, or a superior, race indigenous to the planet Earth

reckonize :self empowerment; grudging respect; submission coupled with concession

reasponse-abillity : talent to ascertain a given situation; free of denial; an intUitive understanding that suggests the degree to which you are true to yourself

revelationary revolution : violent, or non-violent,
societall, or systemic, change that iz the resullt
of increased knowledge, and understanding

revolutionary revelation : an inspired understanding
that leadz the way to large scale spirituall growth,
and development

right : rite : write : pronouned az one syllable of fused thought; combined powers of truth and justice; often heard az right on!

seam(z), seamingly : points, or locations, where reallity iz visible, or loud, but clear, and filled with a great amount of reason, and truth

seaming reallness, the strong connection to the foundation of acting truths above, within, and beneath each/all of us

seeming reelness : the persuasive power of the moving picture

see-change : heightened awareness of changing times/mindz

Self :a unique and individuallized twining of the body, mind, Spiritand personallity    

Self, the : the totall level of consciousness of every livinbeing on a planet; consciousness of a living planet

s:he : logicall combination of pronounz that remind that all of us issued forth from the womb

Significant Choice Expansion (SCE) used or unused choices or opportunity beyond  good-of-all measure; usually created at the expense of Otherz through the use of oppression, discrimination, sterotype, violence, poverty, or control issues

Significant Choice Reduction (SCR) unavailable choices/opportunity far beyond good measure; usually created at the expense of Otherz with/by the use of oppression, discrimination, stereotype, poverty, violence or other control issues

sow-much : unfolding of Life energy; acts of speaking, writing, doing, being

summore : a belief that more of any thing iz the way to lasting satisfaction

syncretism  : the successfull combination of different systems of philisophical, or religious belief and practice 

technopimp : rapper, dj, or producer who uses modern technology to dismiss the human right to high self esteem, and/or the divinity of women

Think-Well Wordz, The : who, what, when, where, why, and how

Three Rightz, The : riite, right, write

time contract  : total number of years you will spend in your body

touch-knot : an addictive, obsessive, relationship, substance, thing, person, or way of bein 

try & tell, the : mind atrophied, hit hard, individuallz who no longer trust a particullar outside source for information 

US United Syllables; Universall Spirit; totallity of all that iz Life; every thing/One that hath breath, and or (a) sound 

us-all : totall population of this planet; all of Life's breath

Usez : the wordz you are using az you speak  

Uzing  the abillity to create lyricall, or witty, phrasez in sync 
with popular rhythmz, beatz, or rhymes

we-all : specific, cohesive, targeted, or oppressed, groups within a totalled world popullation

what-what : some thing, or one, you believe you can--or should--own, have, or get
Circumcision is cruel and has few medical benefits. Circumcised males have decreased sexual feeling due to the removing of the sensitive foreskin. Circumcision unnecessarily exposes male infants to potential complications. How is a society reminded that children do have rights? Most people need to believe that the child does not remember this attack on his body. Some males seem unable to forget. 

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome  is real, and lasting.  A  fascination with the black male penis is just one of American society's primarily documented many ways. Castration, a lack of genital integrity, when added to the ancestral memories of lynching, rape, and murder, must see very real, and lasting. 

miss-take : poor decisions; pain-full choices; after the fact opportunity to know/learn/experience

mustz : excessive needz; deprivation; addiction; corrupted greed; long overdue justice

one:won : the life experience of another that enhances
acceptance/sense of oneness with Life

one:won : inner ballance; integrall fuzion of the word resullting from an understanding of their meaning-full kinship; example of the simultaneity of language; pronounced az one syllable of fused thought

oneness of it-all, the : wholeness and ballance of
Spirit; akin to holy 

Other(z) : any One who appearz to be different from you, or outside of your sphere of physical, intellectual, cultural, or sexual understand/knowledge

otherwize : a uniquely poetic sense of knowing resullting from an unusually simple interpretation

primetyme, primetymed :targeted to exhibit specific
behaviors in your youth; a manipulated scene, or orchestrated stereotype

reckonize :self empowerment; grudging respect; submission coupled with concession

knot-be, knot-bein: Self/self deniall, a
tangled existence; to deny the needz of your self or your body; refusall to develop tallent; DNA genotype; systemic nonacceptance (i.e. racizm, sexizm, colorizm...); the process of being true to your selfinner harmony

knot-it any One and every thing that rite-fully existz and yet iz unacceptable to you; targeted for oppression or violence; yesterdaze newz; the X

know:no! :the lesson that will never be forgotten, or needed again; sense for injustice; fusion of word

KnowBody :theism; used inter - intra-changeably
(az fusion) with WORD, Prime Creatrix/The Great
Spirit/Most High, Jehovah, Yahweh, Amitabha Buddha, The Goddess, Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL...; haz no need of a physicall body; az Spirit IT iz every thought, dream (present & deferred) concept, and/or idea 

know-choice : inspired decision making; the skill of open minded decision making; conscious self-empowerment; known duty/response; destiny; prescient 

Many More People, The :a vast majority of the economically/politically disenfranchised goball population; an artificially inflated group, or people

mind, mynd, myndin:to dig deep within your personal sense/thought; inner quest for knowledge; asking of pertinent questionz; focused night or daydreaming
blind-dead dangerously minsinformed; result of systemic miseducation

continU(se) : recognition of the existence and/or effect of assimillated, individuallized, knowledge; practice of cullture; more of a belief in the same beliefz; cell memory

daze-way, the :repetitive acting while expecting a different resullt

denim mindset, the :an open-minded willingness to understand new, or different, wayz of thinking, and being

diss-cord :the denial of having received the gift of birth 

dissizm : a practice of nonacceptance; a refusal to act-knowledge the connectedness of all thingz; an ignorance of EveryThing

disst :abreviated form of the word disrespect; refusal to acknowledge another's humanity

disst-reaspect :display of low self-esteem, disregard for inner divinity; deliberate lack of knowledge

do:due :actionz plus wordz fused az present/past
behavior; similar to karma; fusion of word

e-racyst :one who believes in a racially hued supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide
hear-here : two wordz/one sound fuzed to act-knowledge the spirit felt acceptance of what iz heard; felt and experienced; affirmation; acknowledgement

HowCome Theory, The : belief that you will learn how you allready knew; offshoot of Intuitionism; 
prerequisite to Syncretismhype-knotik :to be compelled
or governed by marketed concepts, status quo, beliefs, and desires

in    :a word/symbol that indicates a way; that peace of you/me which iz Spirit; the location of/where that piece
of you/me that iz a peace for you/me iz poised; temple
of the Spirit

inchoir  : the still, small, voice within; a remarkably
active conscience

indeed(z) a conscious choice; the selfz assurance against abandonment from within; your spoken/written wordz

information the focus, shape, totall or contents of an inner, spirituall, growth and development; the
continUing unfolding of the inner self

inparticullar  that which iz concerned primarily
witinner, spirituall, growth

insite interdimensionall local of the peace for you that iz a peace to me, too; spirit-space

intone the flavor added to the gist of a conversation or
situation; attitude

it the only word that can be used az an expression of itzSelf  az the height of abstract comprehension; understood as a first, last, only, everything, nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chozen, discarded; the most power-full word of the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz; a tag; the big picture; your passion

it-all sum of/some of what Life haz created; a personall existence

it-knot that which you must do, or iz due; whatcha gotta do 'cause you just gotta; blood fued

itz a new/knew noun resulting from the fact that
--az it--possession, or status, haz no relevance for that which already iz every thing, and nothing

itzSelf    a previously not known proper noun: stems from belief that Word iz an entity that effectz an affect from/az, and within, each of us; the totalled sense of
being of every living, breathing, creature
Beauty exalts the mind, and spirit. Beauty, therefore, is found in the mind, and ears, of the beholder.  Glamour is defined as a charm affecting the eye, making objects appear different from what they really are; witchcraft; magic; a spell. The culltivated  abillitof making your true self  invisible is to possess, and manipulate, glamour.

Glamour is deliberately created to deny, or overcome, the lack of a positive self-esteem, originality, freshness, or novelty.  One facet of what is being popularized as hiphop cullture is the exploitation of every Eurocentric cultures' longstanding fascination with the bodies of richly melanated [black] women. In this regard, the black entertainment industry has not conquered reality, but has found a way to create wealth selling what was sold before. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been generated by the sex laden performances of scantily clad young women of all colors who have become role models for young girls. Soon, many of these young women [unless there is a white male/black female context] will express a heart-felt gratitude for being deliberately ignored by a corrupt, and color-struck, main stream media.

Straight-up, naturall male enhancement is a woman with at least three curves. Culturally manipulated images are geared to influence (y)our perception of what is to be tagged "attractive."  Guerrilla glamour, or the excessive need to create an over-the-top image, is yet another imitation of pale-skinned [white] culture; it is a much used secret weapon. Many richly melanated [black] males have yet to free themselves of white supremacist programming. As a result, the creation of a strong family unit within the African-American community has become a reproductive battleground with many fronts.

Straight hair of any color is now acceptable regardless of the artsy-faciall  overall appearance. The Glamour Trap has created a monopoly, and women are toxic slaves to false hair, and elongated nails. Women of every shape, and hue, have chosen the glamour cow image rather than holistic health care.

Curvaceous, vivacious, and full figured, many young women born rich-in-color still fight with knot-being ; a documented, blind-dead, color-struck war with white culture's need to render them all butt, and mostly invisible. A fully visible e-racyst  mindset creates a modern-day imitation of life that still allows pale-skinned [white] women with "crinkly" hair to be featured in main stream media as 'black." Richly melanated [black] women remain largely bootylicious asses behind what is seen, and heard, and sold. 

Helping little girls rich in color to create, and maintain, a relationship with Self  is a decades old time struggle. Perhaps, just in time, the full spectrum of the color of Life will be represented in both America's corporate, and entertainment, media. 

Dickizm, similar to penis envy, is a fascination with the possession, size, and use, of the black male's (supposedly oversized) sexuall body parts, and a resullt of American cullture’s focus on the black man’s penis. However, two heads are not allways better then one. Sometimes they cancel each other out.

Many a black man considers himself a viable mate simply because he can maintain an erection. Sometimes the degree of this man’s belief in his degree of manliness, or ballz, has led to violence, date rape, or murder at the slightest sign of disst-reaspect

Sexizm  practiced against black females plus the exercising of male privilege is one of the few areas black men have been allowed to flex. Deemed a ho' if she speaks, or even smiles, and a bitch if she doesn't, most black women choose to please themselves.

Racist programming coupled with the belief in white supremacy demands that all men respect white, or pale skinned women. As a result, the majority of black men practice over-the-top sexist behavior when interacting with women who have color. The war on women rich in color precludes and includes attacks on black men, AND from men who mean to have their turn to be "mastah."

Choosing no other viable allternative, while adhering to the traditionall male god image, black men programmed to diss-respect black women,
cling to the egoic belief that sex iz him. The forever, and ongoing, refusall of most black women to submit--yet again--to another abusive male oppressor, has created minor and major diss-cord

Sweet Pea Garden
Poetry Plus
Pay KnowMind
ITz A Rap!
Cross-Stitch Peace
Collage Peace
The Simultaneity of Language   3
The Simultaneity of Language   2
A Cottage at Hedgebrook
West Africa
Having Know-Choice 
The Simultaneity of Language   1

Many (black) men who date other "races" have become so arrogantly abusive that misogamistic (black) women will not tolerate such blind-dead mentallity. Because you can only be with who you can get, and stay with whom you can keep, many a shot-out (black man) ends up shot out, and shot up.

On penalty of death, and castration, African-American [black] males are rogrammed  to  demonstrate respect while in the presence of pale skinned [white] women. As wronged, historically oppressed, men, many believe in a birthright that includes the right to use, abuse, slander, and abandon, the women who--like them--also suffer with the dehumanizing effects of chattel slavery

SEX SELLS and is another of America's many ways. The Pimp mentality is the sexist belief that women, and children, are resources to be used, and traded, at the discretion of capitalistic minded men.

This belief has created genres of men (i.e. pimpgigolodeadbeat dadthe mother fucker) who use the bodies of women, and children, as resources. US documented history includes the caricatures, images, and stereotypes of African-American [black] women, and black children as comic relief,. African-American bodies are used for medical experimentation, labor, and as sexual objects. Gangster rap has taken the exploitation of the female body to a new level that further endangers all women and girls.

The first American pimp was a pale-skinned [white] slaver who--in every way--every day--used the sexuallity of his, or her, slaves to get paid. The ongoing behavior of present day techno-pimps  is similar to the "back in the day" attitudes of American slavers.

Remembering the past brouhaha surrounding Imus' use of one of his boys' cliches [nappy headed ho's] when referring to the Scarlet Knights was yet another "knew beginning."  Neglected, used and abused, leads to One becoming used to abuse. Victimizing a victim now includes "the white-right" to deny the existence of victim-hood if a "hoody" is part of One's apparel. While "the brothers," [athletes, celebrities, gangsta rappers, stand up comedians] front for [white] male patriarchy with immoral sexual rants, misogynistic lyrics, and comedic punchlines, they stage the reduction of all women's rights. Sexism, colorism, dickizm, and a blind-dead preference for paler skinned females  has weakened the resolve of a once richly melanated, and highly focused, people. 


Soon enough, we will grow enough and have had enough.
Soon enough, we will know enough to say enough is enough.
Soon enough, we will know enough to give thanks for the knowledge that becomes won with, and as, US.

Brenda Nero  
Copyright 2004

accept-able : open to controversial ideas; an awareness that all Life continUse as infinite diversity in an infinite number of combinations

act-knowledge : the simultaneous abillity to do, understand, and commit; any behavior that showz the need to accept reallity or fulfill one's destiny

ALL-of-it, The : that which was not/iz/will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totallity, of what haz materiallized, ideallized, fantasized, or been underutillized az circumstance and experience; contents of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, hard drive, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant, averaged, and brain dead mind; totalled production minus environmentall damage
(Theatre_Hollywood _Politix _Religion + doldrum  + truths  +  fantasy + factz + reallities % by deferred dreams )

all-live : free of deniall, diss-approvall, or pretense, open to possibillity of change

all-sow : the ongoing resullts; the knew part of  If I knew then, what I know now...; cullminated knowledge

becauz : a why? plus a point of origin (i.e. howcome/why); universall workingz/choicez leading to a result or continUation; the naturall way of Life

betweenager : One who--with or without 
supportive, integrall  solutions to self-sustaining situations--practices adult behavior while stuck with society's hard and nonprogressive rules
An Excerpt from
Knot-Fighting the Mine Games 
Why knot you & me ? 
Let a man be...A MAN. 
for it with
consciousness iz unlimited.
All Rights Reserved

Knot-Fighting the Mine Games
The more thingz changed, the more there waz of the same.
Thinking about
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome  is reall, and lasting.

Racism, with the penalties of profiling, police brutality, premature death, unemployment, and/or incarceration does not allow the majority of African-American men to exercise their yang, or male, energy outside of their homes, or urban communities, in a constructive fashion.
Thwarted, frustrated, maligned, and miseducated, many choose to abuse substances, women, children, and each other. Substance abuse, violence, revenge, and retaliation are at an all time high times three.  As a result, many--if not most--African-American men, regardless of out or income, have become toxic, and (self) abusive.
Alligning their minds, and behavior, with what is called THE MAN has led to generations of domestic abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Boyz with a hood versus a man in a hoody.
Entertainment is defined as that which holds the attention by amusing , or diverting.  If you are in need of an amusing diversion, the question eventually raised will be: From what? If your relationships, livelihood, and internall identity, are built around entertainment, what happens to real life? 

The look, and lifestyle, of African-Americans [Black America] has been [white] America's most constantly ongoing form of entertainment. Much has changed while remaining the same. Until recently, most of [White] American American entertainment was not something African-Americans simply enjoyed. Even before Birth of a Nation, the Jewish controlled film industry was being used as a medium with which to blackface, beguile, whitewash, and demean. 

African Americans [Black America] can no longer waste time simply entertaining, while trying to be entertained. Often portrayed as life-styled moviesgangster rap videos now create the sets, costumes, and scripts to for-real life. Misogynistic, thug life, sexually explicit, videos seem to have become what African-American [black] people are portrayed to be, and expected to become.

While refusing to free their minds from racist, and/or sexist, programming, gangsta home videographer further devalue [black] women, and every little girl, in the eyes, and minds of EveryMan. 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but other opinions are always in the mix regarding the laws of attraction. Rarely earning the cost to be the boss, many African-American [black] men are unable, or unwilling, to man-up , and choose to hate all over African-American [black] women who command, and hold, the fort.

As punishment for refusing to submit to another abusive, "master" male, pretender within the  confines  of patriarchy, many African-American [black] women are abandoned; having been declared unfit to be (good) wives. Denied the opportunity to master the Art of Femininity, independent minded black women are often demeaned, and vilified through lyrics, movies, and music videos. 

Sexiness, and eroticizm, are very power-full human stimuli. However, they are not good for selling much of anything other than sex. Sex sells itzSelf especially as the bodies of black men, and women were historically bought, sold, and rented for the purposes of pleasure. Using sex to sell yourSelf, can get you screwed on a number of levels, but not much else. 

Cellebrity, as notoriety, has become miss-taken for substance. What is thought of as attractive, or glamorous, is whatever requires the least amount of purpose-full life effort. To many [black] girls define themselves from within the confines of a go with the flow, gangsta wrapped, See ME!, attitude. They accept seeing themselves as canvasses for diss-play. This failure to reckonize  their Selves  is a Mine Game  with interchanging predators, and victims.

The purpose of entertainment is to provide an escape from a life of quiet desperation. Ccellebrities are constructs of the imagination; creatures of their own personallized fantasies. As they occupy your thoughts, you exercise "know-choice. You choose to focus (y)our attention outward in an attempt to unhinge from the reality of this diss-connected reality.

Self-concept, and personal judgment, is affected in pronounced ways by what others think. Misogynistic videos are damaging because (y)our brain shuts out all other input when presented with an erotic scenario. Going within (y)ourSelf  to find out becomes a forgotten survival tactic as your attention is refocused outward.

Serious artists are horrified by what passes for talent, and art. Pornographic sex is considered the hottest scene ever to be seen, and can be found everywhere. A true artist has no chance of success while the public's I is occupied by extreme sexuality. A true artist would be ashamed if she did succeed. 

Frankly, even I could play a sax, I would neither choose to imitate, nor intimidate, a people forced [by violence and unjust law] to change an overreaching understanding of "bad" into something really good; and profitable. Those oppressed, yet loving, people must be truly known to some higher power with long-range plans, and excellent higher order thinking skills.

When unable to feel, and demonstrate respect for women, every
kind of head on a loveless man's rock hard body looses the ability to salute. He must flag. Excess porn destroys virility. Emotionally disturbed (ED) ends up stroking the ugly head called erectile diss-function (ED).

The purpose of chivalry was to allow violent men a safe space to feel. Whole men, who are sincerely interested in maintaining their virility, stand up in every way when a self-respecting, power-full, woman enters the room. The penis has a mind of itz own. Rampant male impotency is the result of the belief in, and practice of male privilege

Sigmund Freud's warning that whoever, in desperate defiance, sets out upon this path to happiness will, as a rule, attain nothing. Reality is too strong for him. He becomes a madman.

How many more comedians, gangsta rappers, directors, and producers from the  collective bottom will choose do-rags, shades, and shame, in order to maintain the process called "getting paid?" Each will certainly be "passing it forward" in one way, or another. 

KnowBody  knows for sure.
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is in the bone.

what!z that which happened trauma/dramatically during a life's time and iz the much ado while becoming a part of reallity; huge issue of the moment

why?z : questions that must be asked, satisfactorily answered, accepted, and thoroughly understood within 

wizdom : a given, sought after, hard won, corrective
mind set/rite; up-lifting response/solution; spirituall and
intellectuall satisfaction ( Also spelled wizduhm)

wize : end result of compounded questioning; the question that iz followed by a satisfying answer (why? plus 1 why = wize)

Word : all of spoken, and written, language; most recent word(sound) used az a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; the most often used commodity

wordsurge : surfaced abillity to write/speak/create over & understanding after seeking/observing/listening  and pondering; a spirituall flow of Word; often confused
with the spirituelle gift of gab

Colorizm, the belief that paler skinned people have more value than thoze who are rich in color, devalues all women. Rarely featured in American film, and advertising, women rich in color are an unwanted reminder; a “throw-back” to oppressive slavery. Women rich in color are more often abused, and abandoned, in every society. Many continU  to be locked in poverty, and remain a large part of the systemically underclassed. The time came long ago to wonder why The National Organization for Women has not addressed the issues of all  women.

Birthplace, and physicall appearance, generally determine your place, and status, in American society. Racyzm, colorizm, and sexizm, are similar in their mindsetz, and early in the history of this country became
institutionalized forms of abuse.
Many, if not most, black men, while rejecting white supremacy,  accept sexism, dickizm, and colorizm. Know-Choice has yet to become a conscious option for many--if not most--people.

Having Know-Choice
The aMusing Opinion of A ScratchPad Philosopher

Authored by BRENDAH  ebonitia  NERO
hiphopz premiere phulosopher
Sweet Pea Garden
Two heads, however, are not allways better than one even if they remain attached to the same body. Often enough, they seem to cancel each other out. The accepted right to sow wild oats has caused more than enough problems in the African American community. Many men play themselves in, and out, while working for the head located between their legs.  Do-ragz are as necessary to some black males as a condom. Finding an answer to the question: Do what?  will soon be next on the agenda. 

Manhood, often confused with adulthood, is measured by One's ability to accept, or take on responsibility. Both racyst, and sexist, mindsets continU to warp the definition of manhood within the African-American community.

mature man has demonstrated his reasponse-abillity  while caring for, and supporting those in his charge. Depending on the society one is in, his charge might be a wife (or wives), children, elders, and/or other men. American society's ongoing betrayal of African-Americans has created in the community a power-full need to create unity. 

This includes surviving the history of planned parenthood. Gnerational unemployment coupled with healthy fertility rates will always result in an elevated number of very much wanted, poverty-stricken, babies. Chronically unemployed, disst-reaspected, despondent, men do not, as a rule, take on responsibility.  

Institutionalized racism's adherence to white privilege rarely supports the transfer of manhood to the next generation of African-American [black] young men. [White] America's pictorial history  documents repeatedly the actual removal of a black man's penis should he chose to demonstrate natural levels of testosterone. African-American [black] men who take on individual, group, and national responsibility are misrepresented, belittled, murdered, and assassinated. Having integrity while black man is a dangerous State of Being.

Most Black women ask no one's permission for the rights of womanhood. Black women fight to be accepted as ladies.  A lady is a self-repressed, stunted, woman. In every culture, women are expected to "allow" their men to appear "manly" in the wake of outdated patriarchal mindsets, abuse, neglect, rejection, and abandonment. Bought, sold-out, rejected, thrown-away, and devalued, African-American [black] women continU to set the standard for strong, independent, women--all without permission.

All male children who are abused, abandoned, or neglected--regardless of culture, or lack-of-color, have little understanding of how to take on the responsibilities reserved for some men. Survival, while using women, and children, as entitled resources, is the most common denominator found within the definition of street wise manhood. 

Again, the time has come to  act-knowledge  a more positive reality.