betweenager(z)  an adult of any age stuck with hard and fast rules lacking supportive answers tself  sustaining questions

e-racyst someone who believes in a racially hued supremacy while practicing, rewarding, or denying genocide

EveryOne the totality of all breathing Life on the planet; distinct personality of each planet 

EveryThing very personallized total of all that--thus far--is matter plus all emotional energy; an existence; plast plus present experience;
the totalled manifestation in this universe of Creation

HourStory the story of every human's existence within an elapsed period of time; the combined biographies of Mother Nature & Father Time

in     a symbolic word that indicates a location, direction, and A Way; the peace of you/me that is Spirit poised; Spiritz space

it : the only word that can be used as an expression of itzSelf as the height of abstract comprehension; understood as a first, last, only, everything, nothing, top, bottom; most, least, chosen, discarded; the most power-full word in the English language; the buzz word of buzz wordz; a tag

itzSelf  a previously not known noun; stems from belief that Word is an entity that effects an affect from/as, and within, each of us; the totaled sense of being of every living, breathing, creature

(K)new expanded definition of a standardized understanding of intuitive learning; recalled knowledge that allows you to make better choices; multiple life experience

KnowBody theism, abstract term used inter- intra-changeably (or as a fusion) with Prime Creatrix, The Creator, The Great Spirit, Amitabha Buddha, Most High, Jehovah God, Al-Lah, The Goddess, Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL....; has no need of a physical body for as Spirit IT is every thought, body, thing, concept, or idea

KnowThing theism; abstract  term  used inter- intrachangeably  (or az a fusion) with Prime Creatrix, The Creator, God, The Great Spirit, Most High, Jehovah, Brahman, Shango, Yahweh, Amitabha Buddha, The Goddess, Al-Lah, Al-Lat, Adonai, The ALL...; the inter- intradimensionall repository of all knowledge; the won:one consciousness  that fillz every plane of existence

racyst : a non-believer in the existence of a human race; one who believes that there is more than one race indigenous to the planet Earth

self  a unique, and individuallized, twining of the body, mind, Spirit, and personallity

Word, The : all of spoken, and written, language(s); most recent sound used as a positive affirmation, or question of truth/fact; most often used commodity

wordsurge : surfaced abillity to write/speak/create understanding after seeking/observing/listening/pondering; a spirituall flow of Wordz;
often confused with the spirituelle gift of gab
In many more ways, I remain fascinated by the whirl of wordz within, and around, each of us.

A lexicon of (k)new wordz growz, as fast as I can comprehend, chuckle, and make note.

This evermeaning amazment witthe word--it--has both narrowed, and expanded, my in & outlooks regarding Life.

Words became my best friends...again.
Words are seedling points of light energy.
We all sow. We all reap.

We use IT, while it duhz us.

Presence associated with the wordit
is evidence of a natural, lasting, law.

As things change, more and less,
The ALL-of-it stays more or less
the same.

KnowBody  knows.
KnowThing  lasts forever.

There was only one problem.

I needed a bigger, more encompassing, yet simpler, language art in order to make MySelf clearly understood.

Over & Understanding came--again and again.

The All I had to do was give it some more thought, plus my all-and-all--again, and again.

Hmmm, I never thought of that before.
Let me write that down...

became a working textbook:
On one particularly regular day,
the following question occurred to me.

What would I want my children to know if I dropped dead tomorrow?

I realized that this was a basic needs question so I decided to give some thought to EveryThing, and EveryOne.

This mother's loving drive to distill the sum of a life's time became a "My Life Lesson" of consciousness expansion within me.

I ask(ed), and expect(ed) to be asked -


A knocker, and a seeker, I learned that overstanding could lead to greater understanding.

My children expected me, a gifted educator, to make sense of The All-of-it . 
Poetry Plus
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Having Know Choice
for it with
consciousness iz unlimited.
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An Excerpt From
IT found me.
Sweet Pea Garden
ALL-of-it, The :that which is/was knot/will be created, dreamed of, or imagined; the sum, or totality, of what has materialized, been idealized, fantasized, or been under-utilized as circumstance and experience; contents of every scratchpad, floppy disk, book, lexicon, dictionary, CD, encyclopedia, DVD, memory bank, film library, diary, brilliant and averaged mind; totaled production minus environmental damage (Theatre_Hollywood _Politix _Religion + doldrum + Truth +  fantasy +  fact + reallities 
% by deferred dreams)
Get with
it !